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Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Sunday Photos: Annals of Signs of the Russian Apolcalypse

Russia's top pop diva, the freakishly horrifying Alla Pugachyova (like the Russian Edith Piaf, except that nobody in the West has ever heard of her, for damn good reason) launches her own radio station, Radio Alla, where she will host a show and play her music every hour.

Taken from the Ha Ha blog, the following images are not only cool to look at, but perfect microcosms of Russia: Piles of garbage creating the illusion of substance, which is nothing more than shadows and fog.


Anonymous said...

Though you have plenty of great information here, it seems that for every legitimate pro-democratic, anti-chekist thing you post, you simply post blatantly anti-russian garbage. It really takes away from the site as a whole, and makes it hard to take seriously.
Why bother with this blog if you hate Russians so much? It is obvious that you do, judging by the way you bash anything to do with their entire culture and gleefully document their misfortunes. Why do you care at all?

La Russophobe said...


Sorry you didn't like this post. Can we ask, the last time you saw some "great information" did you post a comment and compliment it, asking for more of the same? We can't recall it and we'd like to.

Not quite clear on your point. Are you saying you LIKE and ADMIRE Alla Pugachyova? If so, millions of young Russians are sniggering uproariously at you, and we right along with them.

Are you saying you feel you ought to be allowed to decide what's "garbage" and what's not? You know, plenty of great artists have produced instances of "garbage" it almost goes with the territory. However, we'd certainly be happy to receive submissions of content from you -- have you sent any?

We've explained in great detail our attitude towards Russia. It's prominently displayed in our sidebar.

Do us the courtesy of reading it and then ask about what you don't understand or agree with.

Anonymous said...

On your "great information", I refer to all the translations, most of your posts along the sideboard, etc. There is no shortage.
I have already read your russophobe manifesto and I do have to agree with most of it, as reasons to hate go. However, the cuisine? I love mayonnaise!
But it's the bits on Sharapova, and ones like that, that get me, and not specifically this post. Why bother with Sharapova? Combined with the general gloating tone of your commentary, it just comes out bitchy. That's what detracts from an otherwise awesome, informative blog.

I'm not here to simply insult you, as most comments here seem to be, but to constructively criticize. With all other, non-culturally related posts: lay off the fox news rhetoric. Your information speaks for itself.
My views may not be shared by others, but here they are.

PS: I don't have anything written myself, but here's a piece from the Caucasus times you may enjoy.
PPS: How can one not love Alla Pugacheva?

La Russophobe said...


Well, if you like the translations then I suggest you take a bit more effort to praise the translators when those posts come out.

I love mayo too, but the real kind, not what passes for it in Russia!

The bits on Sharapova are supposed to "get" you, that's the point. She's a perfect microcosm for all that sucks about Russia, and she's the country's leading image. Therefore, it's quite impossible for us not to attack her. The whole point of this blog is to get under people's skin. It's not a library, you know. And I'd ask you: Do you really think the blog would be more impactful without this material? If so, tell us precisely, in concrete terms, how our influence would improve if we dropped it. How, specifically and tangibly, will be benefit from following your suggestion? Just being better liked by you isn't really something we can, as Russians say, put in our pocket. Don't forget, this blog is #1 as it is. Not for nothing.

Love to hate Pugachova you mean? Yeah, I guess "The Facts of Life" had plenty of fans too.