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Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Sunday "Song"

This "song" was by the "group" Serebro ("Silver"), which doesn't really exist and like all things Russian is a mere illusion, officially chosen by Russia to represent the country at the Eurovision music contest. In other words, it's the best they can do. Do you dare to imagine the worst? Ah, Russia. The land of great artists and great culture, nobody can dispute it. One question: Why exactly does she wrap her fingers with a strip of fabric? Is this some new Russian contribution to world culture? Too deep for mere Westerners to comprehend? By the way, Russia failed to make the 28-nation semi-finals. "Flashy skin"? "Put your cherry on my cake"? "I'm killing your pill"? It's the land of Pushkin!

"Song Number One"


Girls, Kick the Flow
Listen to me
All my girls get ready (Uh huh)
We'll make it easy (Uh uh)

When I catch you picking me
You better get a chill
Boy, you wanna take on me
'Cause I'm your killing pill

Can't you see the way I move
My dress, my flashy skin
Listen up, you know I got
The place you've never been


Slow down
Boy, you don't wanna let me down
You better stop, you know what
Oh, don't call me funny bunny
I'll blow your money, money
I'll get you to my bad ass spinning for you
Oh, I'll make it easy, honey
I'll take your money, yummy
I've got my bitches standing up next to me

So come and check it (Uh)
So come and check it (Uh)
So come and check it
My bad ass spinning for you (Ow)

Keep on taking over you
It's kinda getting free
Baby boy you know I still
Got sexy freak in me

Gotta tease you nasty guy
So take it, don't be shy
Put your cherry on my cake
And taste my cherry pie


Maybe I'll take you with me tonight
Maybe you'll show me another way
And find a reason for me to stay
But something I must tell you



OstapR said...

I hate this crap as much as anyone, but they didn't have to make the 28-nation semifinals, as they already qualified for the final based on their last years performance:
Believe it or not, that song took 3rd:
Ukraine's entry was far better "Russia Goodbye"!

Anonymous said...

This is a Michael Jackson knockoff! And not a very good one at that.

The russkies are doing what the sovoks used to do - copy the West, only with bad copies.

The latest fad seems to be pushing girl groups with a ton of nonsenical sexual focus.

It's a slick production - but it's still a Michael Jackson video knockoff!

Anonymous said...

Hi La Russophobe, it truely is an awful song, and Eurovision is a joke, but just a small correction, Russia did not have to make it to the semi finals as they autoimatically make it to the final like a few other nations, for example France and UK (who fund the event)... Difference is Russia takes this contest as matter of of national pride and those nations with a successful music industry treat it as the joke it is.

Anonymous said...

Haha! Do you really believe the whole country is fond of this shit? You discuss it so heatedly and try to humiliate the whole nation, but you have not the slightest idea of what's the real state of things. Not a single person I know liked the song and all of us felt shame when we saw those Serebro performing in the contest. We have too mane rich people with no taste, I'm afraid...

La Russophobe said...


But where was the public protest? As usual, cowardly Russians were SILENT in the face of this outrage, just as they were SILENT when Putin destroyed opposition parties and independent media, just as the were SILENT in the time of Stalin. If Russians don't protest, then they are as guilty as if they had participated and must take the consequences.