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Sunday, February 03, 2008

February 3, 2008 - Contents


(1) The Sunday Travel Section

(2) The Sunday Stalin

(3) The Sunday Foreboding

(4) The Sunday Cinema

(5) The Sunday Secret

(6) The Sunday Funnies

NOTE: We are especially proud to publish entry #1 above, a meticulously researched and sparklingly well-written essay from a blogger/reader with penetrating insights about real life in Russia. It's an honor to receive submissions of this quality from within our community, humbling and all the compensation we need to continue our work. We've shelved our regular Sunday Photos feature this week in order to let this wonderful piece of work have the lead position. We're quite sure there are more of you out there who can do this sort of thing, so perhaps this will give you the encouragement you need to set pen to paper. It's a big country, somebody's got to write it! One point that can't be overlooked in reading it is that these words could easily have been written by a "Russian patriot" who actually wants foreigners to stay as far away from Russia as possible, just as well as by a real Russian patriot who wants the country to reform and improve. Those are the depths to which neo-Soviet Russia has brought itself.

NOTE: Robert Amsterdam has announced that his client Mikhail Khodorkovsky has launched a hunger strike in support of his embattled colleague to whom the Kremlin is denying essential medical treatment. It's a new low in Putin's barbarism.

NOTE: A reader writes -- "
In the last year I read a thriller fiction book about a contemporary Romanov who put into motion a plot to become a modern Czar of Russia. Throw into the mix a US cop who is taking care of his fragile sister and a smart journalist who lives in Paris. Add that the sister is also the woman who the to-be Czar selects to be his Czarina. Murder, espionage and global intrigue made for a compelling read. Problem is.... I can't remember the author or the name of the book?" Can anyone help her out?

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