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Thursday, November 08, 2007

November 8, 2007 -- Contents


(1) Another Original LR Translation: Bukovsky, Russian Hero

(2) Bovt on the Quashing of Debate

(3) Kiselyov on the Neo-Bolshevik State

(4) Latynina on Georgia

(5) Annals of Neo-Soviet Propaganda: It's Just Pathological

NOTE: Well, what can we say? Another brilliant day for the Moscow Times. Today we republish three amazing op-ed pieces (Bovt, Latynina, Kiselyov) and top it off with a shocking news report on the horror of neo-Soviet propaganda efforts by the Kremlin. Where would the world's comprehension of Russian reality be without the mighty MT? And but for our efforts, this stuff would end up getting locked behind their archive wall and functionally lost forever. A true tragedy to contemplate! And we start things off with another original translation from our brilliant in-house expert, who opens a window into the soul of Vladimir Bukovsky, the soul of Russia itself. Our translations library, located here, now contains 32 original translations from the Russian media by four different professional translators, led by the yeoman work of our original translator. Have a browse, you might be surprised by what you learn from the Russians.

NOTE: Check out our latest installment on Publius Pundit, where we review the recent outbreak of trouble in Georgia. Just the latest round of efforts by Russia to destabilize and unseat the tiny country's pro-West government.

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Steve said...

Actually, the archive wall seems to have fallen at The Moscow Times. At least it did when I checked this morning.