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Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Sunday Funnies

From Ellustrator, no English required.

This is another real gem from the pen of Ellustrator. Notice how
blithely Putin doesn't notice he's vacuuming a corpse. Source: Ellustrator.

This one comes to us from the blogger at Moscow Does not Believe in Tears. It shows one of Russia's scumbag stormtroopers, known as "OMON" (written "OMOH" in Russian script) standing in front of a mirror, where his organization's name turns into "HOMO" (as in sexual, meanwhile they are the ones cracking the pink skulls all over Moscow). Source unknown.


Anonymous said...

This is Hector,

The "OMOH HOMO" is disgusting particularly after the gay bashing I saw taking place in Moscow this last week. And not a word of condemnation from you of the OMON bashing the "pink skulls" Kim. Judging by your comments Kim, it appears you're also homophobic. Why all this bigotry?

La Russophobe said...

You pathetic moron, this blog (to a far greater extent than any other blog of its kind in existence) has repeatedly championed the rights of oppressed homosexuals in Russia, and this cartoon is an attack on the OMON in defense of "homos". The fact that you can't understand that only goes to show the shallowness of your support for them and/or your stupidity. Indeed, perhaps you understand it full well, and instead you take the opportunity to spew propaganda against this blog rather than to support the rights of those you claim to support. With friends like you, Russia's gays need no enemies.

Are you homosexual Hector? Are you a critic of the Putin regime? If yes to either, prove it. If no to both, your words are water off a duck's back to us. Creep.

Anonymous said...

This is Hector,

The cartoon struck me as more of a slander than a defense, not to mention your reference to gays as "pink skulls". To answer your question, no I'm straight. But homophobia really strikes a nerve on me.

Unbelievable, you really are just a dumb suburban valley girl. You must have been president of the Sweet Valley High republican club and listen to Paris Hilton. Comprehension is a clear weakness you posess. All of my posts on your ignornat blog have been against Vladimir Putin and his capitalist regime, of which the OMON thugs are a part of. I have nothing to prove on my behalf. As a Communist and a Bolshevik I do defend gay rights. I bet you didn't know that Vladimir Lenin de-criminalized homosexuality after the the October Revolution. This was one of the reasons why the imperialists viewed Soviet Russia as "satanic" in the early days. It was Stalin who later re-criminalized it. Stalin, who sold out Socialist revolutions on behalf of peaceful co-existence with the imperialists.

It is you that has to prove something. I'm still waiting for the evidence that proves that capitalist Russia is a mirror image of the Soviet workers state.


Gatis said...

Guys, the latter cartoon with the OMOH stormtrooper staring at himself, has nothing to do with homosexuals, to the best of my knowledge. There was a cartoon just like this one in a Latvian newspaper (I am Latvian) back in 1991, just after the OMOH, the USSR Ministry of Interior Special Forces, put up a shootout in the streets of Riga, trying to take hold of some of the "breakaway province's" (that is, Latvia's) strategic spots - the TV, Radio and a Ministry or two. So, the cartoon had a mirror with a nicely uniformed guy in it sporting a military hat that said HOMO, "human being" that is, while the entity in front of the mirror was nothing but a gorilla/bear type monster with bloody claws and fangs. And a helmet saying OMOH. Anyway, even if this cartoon is about the recent OMOH activities during the Moscow "Pride", here's another way to look at it.

A great blog, by the way! Keep up the good work, La Russophobe!