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Monday, June 04, 2007

Recent Milestones

La Russophobe is pleased to announce the following milestones in the history of our blog:

  • On May 27th, we recorded profile view # 5,000
  • On May 31st, we received visit #100,000
Upcoming milestones we anticipate occurring in the near future:
  • Our 150th Technorati linking blog
  • Our 2,000th post and our 2,000th link to a post from a blog
  • Our 75,000th Google hit
  • Our 200,000th page view
We've said before and we'll say again: These are as much the accomplishments of you the reader as they are of those who publish and contribute to this blog, so you should take pride in your accomplishment!

As shown in the SiteMeter graphic below (SiteMeter's counter is displayed at the bottom of our home page), May was La Russophobe's best month ever in terms of visitation. For the first time, we recorded over 15,000 visits in one month, and for the second time we recorded over 14,000 visits (and 25,000 page views) in one month. SiteMeter said we had 15,001 visits and 27,173 page views in May, averaging 484 visits and 877 page views per day.

As shown in the StatCounter graph below (StatCounter's counter is invisible), our performance in the month of May was even stronger than what SiteMeter registered. According to StatCounter, we had 17,053 unique visits in the month of May, averaging 550 per day, and 28,596 page views during that time, averaging 922 per day.

If the StatCounter data is to be believed, then the counter at the bottom of our page should currently read over 115,000 visits and we have already passed the 200,000 page view milestone.

Our performance would have been even stronger, but remember that we closed the blog in observance of Memorial Day for four days, and our traffic visibly dipped during that time when new content was not available.

Finally, we'd like to point out that anyone judging our traffic should also bear in mind that we place a good deal of our content on the Publius Pundit blog, and none of that traffic is reflected in the data shown above.
We are not aware that any other Russia blogger does something like this, it's a testament to our work ethic and prolific output in the service of Russian democracy (if we do say so ourselves).

1 comment:

Snake Oil Baron said...

Congrats on the milestones. This is a top-notch blog. Keep up the good work.