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Thursday, June 07, 2007

On Nashi's Trail: Special Investigative Feature

La Russophobe's translator has discovered the following page on the Nashi website, apparently a wholly fraudulent exercise designed to drum up support by illicit means (or, even worse, a blatantly corrupt propaganda exercise of the Kremlin -- it's hard to say what's more horrifying, that Nashi can do what it promises, or that it can't). The translator notes that she/he was inspired to do so by a comment to his last post (also about Nashi) drawing parallels in organizational structure between Nashi and the Hitlerjugend; the analysis much impressed him and was appreciated.

NASHI’s School of Project Management

Beginning April 15 in all regions of the first zone.

Inquire at the Nashi headquarters in your city.

[TN: The first zone, or “poyas”, generally refers to the area with 15 kilometers of the Moscow beltway.]


An extension to June 11 has been given for admission to a training program for project management specialists. Participation in this six-month program is a unique opportunity to enter the profession of the 21st century – Project Manager. The modernization and development of our economy depends on having specialists capable of precise planning and competent management to achieve assigned goals! Salaries for certified specialists currently start at 45,000 rubles, underscoring the importance of this line of work for the economy.

Stages of training:

* Middle of June 2007: First stage of training will take place in a suburb of Moscow.

* June - July 2007: Internship conducting training in the regions of central Russia.

* July 19-23: Second stage of training at the All-Russian Youth Forum “Seliger 2007”.

* September: Third stage of training.

* September – December: Internship working on actual projects in Russian companies and organizations.

* December: International Project Management Association (IPMA) certification.

* January: Placement in consulting and project management companies.

Participants will be occupied 10-15 days per month.

Requirements for participation:

* Be an activist in the Movement, or a very strong supporter.

* Possession of an advanced degree (preference is given to graduate students), or be in at least the fifth year of study.

* Be in training for certification and long-term employment in the field of Project Management.

* Apply for the program at the following address:

* Complete the following assignment:

- Define the terms “project” and “life cycle of a project”.

- Develop your own or describe a project from your own experience (in free form, ½ to 2 pages in length), preferably in connection with the Movement.

- Plan and document the project in MSProject (Gant diagram, resources)

* Send the project summary and MSProject 2003 working files by June 11.

For additional information call:
89267366319 Tatyana Golubeva

89268110731 Ilya Kostunov

[TN: In the previous advertisement of this program, the deadline was set for June 1, and the first phase of training ran June 2-6. A few observations: 1) Since this is billed as an “extension of application deadline” rather than a second running of the first phase of training, it seems likely the course was undersubscribed; 2) The first advertisement provided only one day between the application deadline and the start of the first phase of the course, making the “competitive” aspect of this course doubtful… perhaps sensing this problem, the “extension” version was vague about the start of the course; 3) There is no mention of a stipend of any sort; 3) If the program is not truly competitive, and is unpaid, it would seem to be an appeal for grad students to provide six months of free labor working as Nashi agitators; 4) Any bets on what percentage of graduates will actually be placed in “consulting and project management companies”?}

La Russophobe has disovered another page of interest, this time from one of the local Nashi websites that have sprouted like microbes across the country:

22 апреля 2007 года

«Разборки» по-взрослому.

НАШИ армейцы выполнили нормативы по разборке и сборке автомата системы Калашникова. Теперь парни готовы перейти на следующий этап подготовки к службе в армии – боевым стрельбам. Освоить устройство оружия им помогали отслужившие в вооруженных силах старшие товарищи. Сержант Дмитрий Багаев продемонстрировал метод разборки автомата за четыре секунды. По словам старшего сержанта Алексея Банникова, в боевых условиях, бывает, и секунда спасает жизнь.

TRANSLATION (from the Nashi local organization in the city of Tver's website -- NB, this is LR staff work, our professional translators can in no way be blamed for errors -- corrections gladly accepted!):

Our Army Soldiers passed their test in dismantling and assembling Kalashnikov automatic weapons. Now, our guys ready for the next phase of their training to the army - military use of firearms. Assisting them will be senior weapons experts from the armed services. Shown in the photograph, Sergeant Dmitry Bagaev demonstrated the best method for disassembling a machine in less than four seconds. According to Master Sergeant Alexey Bannikov, in combat conditions it can happen that even a second can save a life.

LR: Seconds also cost lives, apparently. It seems Nashi is going to "manage" things, one way or another . . .


Russian patriot said...

The above mentioned translator did a mediocre job. The translation sounds like some of my English exercises on this blog page-strongly accented.
And too sinister.
Which comes from the wrongly chosen words "Our Army Soldiers"
"military use of firearms" and "senior weapons experts".
One who reads the text may think NASHI are readying for kind of a coup d'tat or at least going on the streets to shoot all the democrats and liberals with Gary Kasparov first.
Alas, this rather boring information is about a group of Nashi's boys who are getting prepared for their military service.( As you know, Russia has a draft system).
So, my translation is based on my knowledge of Russian language and Russian realities, and shows exactly what is going on among the Nash-s in the old, glorious city of Tver. Please gladly accept.

Our guys who are getting training to be prepared for their military service completed the workshop on disassembling and assembling the “Kalashnikov” assault rifle, and passed the test.
Now they are ready for the next phase of the training which is shooting exercises.
Older comrades, who already served in the Army assisted the trainees in learning how to handle the “Kalashnikov”. Sergeant Dmitriy Bagayev showed how he could disassemble the “Kalashnikov” in 4 seconds.
As the Staff Sergeant Alexey Bannikov said, in real fighting even one second can save life.

Commenting said...

Congratulations, RP, your translation is indeed better. Now if you only were right regarding other things :)