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Sunday, June 03, 2007

June 2, 2007 -- Contents


(1) Crazed Putin on the Quixotic Warpath

(2) Russians on Democracy via DAN

(3) Yet Another Humiliating Failing Grade for Russia

(4) Annals of Russian Nuclear Waste . . . ummm . . . uh oh . . .

(5) USDOS on Neo-Soviet Russia


zhirinovsky's falcon said...

Hi Russophobe,
I wonder, why didn't you carry the story that the wanted criminal Boris Berezovsky has publicly admitted that he is fuding the neo-fascist "Other Russia" coalition, which includes your "democratic" idols Eduard "let's use Serbian tactics against non-Russians" Limonov, Viktor "time to clean our city of trash" Gerashchenko, and Viktor "for Stalin, for the USSR" Anpilov.
The link is here, in case you're interested, but I doubt it.


La Russophobe said...

You moron, we carried the story that Berizovsky called for the violent overthrow of the Putin regime.

It's very old news that Berizovsky is supporting opposition in Russia, and it's perfectly logical for him to do so. We compliment him on his efforts and support Other Russia fully, as we've repeatedly said.

Meanwhile, why don't you ask yourself why you don't have a single critical word to say about the neo-fascist NASHI group and the Kremlin's support for it?

And why don't you ask why are you spamming this blog, placing a comment that has nothing whatsoever to do with the topic of the post? Had you sent an e-mail asking for the story you reference to be posted, like other thinking readers do, it might already have been posted, and for all you know it is due to appear in the future. We have a huge amount of content and a backlong, you ape.

zhirinovsky's falcon said...

The reason I don't have a single critical word to say about Nashi is because they are a legitimate, democratic, youth movement dedicated to promoting sovereign democracy in Russia. I myself have attended a number of demonstrations with my Nashi friends and have found these to be bright, intelligent youngsters who have a clear idea of Russia's future.

However, I am glad you acknowledged the story that the Jewish Berezovsky called (from Britain) for a bloody, violent coup to overthrow the legitimate, democratic, popular and elected President of the RF. And I hope you will soon carry the link to the Financial Times in which Berezovsky admitted he is funding your crazy group of neo-fascists, old communists, and violent racists in "Other Russia".

Of course, I had no idea that I should e-mail you with links pointing out the hypocrisy of the likes of Berezovsky and Garry "Kasparov", but I thank you for your invitaton to do so and I will do this in the future.

Btw is it possible for you to reply to someone's post who you don't agree with, without insulting them? Not much of a democrat, are you? More like a "derma-crat". Ho ho ho!

La Russophobe said...

Would you care to explain why YOU didn't mention THIS:

Could it be that, far from being interested in truth, you only care about propaganda, Mr. Hypocrite of the Century?

zhirinovsky's falcon said...

LOL!!! The Other Russia claim:

"Based on the noisy and distracted nature of the interview it’s obvious to us Berezovsky did not understand the question being asked at the end, which he took as asking for confirmation that he funded the opposition in Russia."

The question the interviewer asked was "Are you supporting the Other Russia?", not "are you supporting the Russian opposition?" Berezovsky speaks with a heavy accent but his English is quite good. He wouldn't be doing TV and newspaper interviews otherwise.

What a pathetic excuse from the Other Russia, who don't want people in the West to realise that they are a bunch of corrupt, lying neo-fascists, racists, communists and holocaust deniers funded by a sleazy oligarch on the run.

Gerashchenko for President in 2008? LOL!!!!!

La Russophobe said...

We asked you why you ignored this link when you posted yours.

Will you answer the question?

Your suggestion that what OR itself says is something to laugh it indicates you are common scum unworthy of further attention.

Anonymous said...

This is Hector,

Zhirinovsky's falcon said you idolize Limonov, Kim? That would be very interesting seeing as how I found your blog page from your anti-Russian chauvinist rants you left on the National-Bolshevik guestbook.

La Russophobe said...

ZF is a liar. There is not one single word praising Limonov anywhere in the nearly 2,000 posts to be found on this blog, and obviously neither he nor you can post a single link to such a post. Your lame propaganda is so pathetic it's really quite amusing. Thanks for the laugh, you wretched little dweeb!

zhirinovsky's falcon said...

You worship Kasparov but Kasparov's close political ally and ideological soulmate is Limonov. Limonov's NBP provides most of the footsoldiers for the rabblistic "Other Russia" marches where they deliberately provoke police action in order to portray themselves as victims to the Western media. It's a very profitable game.

Perhaps LR can explain why she supports a fascist coalition? What do you think your great chum Limonov, who you wish to see come to power, would do with all Russia's nuclear warheads.