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Friday, June 08, 2007

Annals of Shamapova

Once again, Maria Sharapova has gone down to humiliating defeat to a lower-ranked non-Russian opponent.

This time her disgrace came at the hands of Serbian Ana Ivanovic (pictured), and was doubly bitter since Ivanovic is in position to give Shamapova a run for her money in the tennis babe category as well.

In the semi-finals at the French Open, Shamapova was able to win only three of 15 games played with Ivanovic, getting blown off the court in easy straight sets, exactly the same thing that happened to her at this year's first grand slam event, the Australian Open, at the hands of Serena Williams.

Shamapova struck 30 unforced errors to just 5 winners, and the mighty Shamapova was aced 5 times by Ivanovic while not recording a single ace herself with her vaunted "power shot" game. And in fact, Shamapova was lucky to get this far, she should have been out in the last round, as we've previously reported.

Ivanovic turned out to be a Russian killer, having destroyed the higher-ranked Svetlana Kuznetsova in the quarter finals (where Kuznetsova won only 7 of 22 games played and only 1 of 7 in the decisive third set).

Indeed, more Serbian players reached the semi-finals in Paris than Russians -- yet oddly, nobody was stupid enough to talk about the coming "dominance" of the Serbians. That's because, if there is such a thing as a Serbophile, they are far smarter than Russophiles.

Bye bye, Shamapova. Don't feel too bad, you can always marry an entertainer like Kournikova did.

As if to confirm the pitiful state of Russian ladies tennis, Russia Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova, the #1 seed in the girls draw at the French Open, went down in her semifinals match to the unseeded Mariana Duque Marino of Columbia. To give Anastasia her due, however, she played a far better match than Shamapova (albeit against far more lowly competition), stretching her opponent to three hard-fought sets and striking far fewer unforced errors than Shamapova. Russian men also made the Russian ladies look bad, as #4 seed Nikolai Davydenko stretched world #1 (and perhaps the best player who ever lived) Roger Federer to two hard-fought tiebreakers in their semifinals match.


Anonymous said...

Russian or Serbian, as long as Eastern Orthodox slavs dominate...

Steve said...

Why dont you give on Maria! She is actually doing something useful with her time and trying hard to overcome her injury....unlike you....sitting on your ass bagging people on a blog like this?

La Russophobe said...

Why don't you admit you just want to get into Maria's pants and don't know the first thing about tennis?

Why don't you stop making excuses for losing and admit she's never played a single watchable match against a top opponent in a major situation in her whole life?

Why don't you admit that you don't know or care the first thing about the future of the people of Russia, horny little boy?

Steve said...

I've been playing tennis for 16 years . . . and wouldn't waste my time with any aspiration to get into Maria's pants. She is in another world. Watchable for you is obviously when she loses. She has beaten to of the most distinguished players of the current generation and at the age of 20 has a lot more to give. I have little to do with the future of the people of Russia but I can't she how contant bagging of a woman who is an inspiration to a lot of children in Russia is going to help that future.

La Russophobe said...

(a) You don't name a single watchable match Maria has ever played.

(b) The only reason Maria won Wimbledon is that she benefited from a rain delay right in the middle of being thrashed by Lindsey Davenenport and then caught Serena Williams on a bad day, the same SW who blew Shamapova off the court at this year's Aussie.

(c) Maria repeatedly loses woefully to lower ranked players.

(d) If you read this blog before spewing your nonsense, you'd know that we've published nearly 2,000 posts and only 27 of them are about Maria. That's not constant anything.

(e) You've admitted that you've got the hots for Maria, diwmit. Ever heard the fable about the fox and the grapes?

Your comment is totally devoid of substance. You've offered no evidence whatsoever, for instance, that any children in Russia are inspired by Shamapova, who doesn't live in Russia and never visits and gives nothing to Russian charity.

We've said numerous times that Shamapova is the elevation of illusion over substance and as such the perfect poster child for modern Russia and the Putin regime.

Etwas Anders said...

Oh please. Steve!

La Russophobe is absolutely right! Sharapova is a bitch. And her looks are not hot. In Russia or Ukraine, she would be lucky to be called average looking.