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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

November 21, 2007 -- Contents


(1) Kiplinger Trashes Russia

(2) Exposing the Duma Sham, Part I

(3) Exposing the Duma Sham, Part II

(4) The Washington Post Shoves a Finger in Putin's Eye

(5) What a Surprise: Here Come the Soccer Excuses

NOTE: More video on the horrors of Russian racism can be found here.

NOTE: Three Russia blogs have been recently added to our blogroll -- Putin Watcher (politics), Moscow Through Brown Eyes (race isssues) and Blognation Russia (IT). You might want to check them out, as well as the rest of the host of Russia resources laid out conveniently in our sidebar.

NOTE: Russia! magazine, where Kim Zigfeld is a columnist, has to our knowledge become first in the world to offer "russophobe" merchandising, and currently has coffee mugs so-emblazoned available for sale. We have no financial interest in these sales, but Russia! is marketing them in an interesting way, suggesting that demand may tell us something about how popular "russophobia" is compared to "russophilia" (such a mug is also on offer). We thought you'd want to know.

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