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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Annals of Russian Barbarism: Stalin is the New Pitchman

We've opined many times on this blog that Russia is showing itself to be a barbaric, uncivilized banana republic, totally detached from any vague conception of reality. But now Der Spiegel reports that they've sunk to an all-time low.

Moscow's international broadcaster, Russia Today, is raising eyebrows with a new ad campaign showing the former Soviet dictator Josef Stalin's less-known softer side.

There are probably better ways of promoting a country's image abroad than running an ad campaign in English-language newspapers peddling the softer side of a man whose repressive policies led to the deaths of millions. Under the slogan "proud to be different," Russian state propaganda channel Russia Today (RT) has recently been running full-page ads featuring Soviet dictator Josef Stalin in a general's uniform, armed with a quill in hand. "Stalin wrote romantic poetry," the ad states. "Did you know that?"

It's about as subtle a message as a scenario in which German international broadcaster Deutsche Welle were to advertise with Hitler and the question: "Did you know that Adolf Hilter also painted?"

RT, which has about 700 employees and whose signal can be received in about 100 countries, went on the air in April 2005 and broadcasts in English and Arabic.

Its creator, Michail Lessin, the 49-year-old former press minister and current media advisor to President Vladimir Putin, wanted to establish a news channel that would counter CNN and BBC -- with a Moscow spin.

"It's been a long time since I was scared by the word propaganda," Lessin says. "We need to promote Russia internationally. Otherwise, we'd just look like roaring bears on the prowl."

The station's editor in chief, Margarita Simonjan, 27, adds: "We knew that the Stalin theme would be ambivalent in the eyes of many," she says. "But it fulfilled its purpose wonderfully. The number of visitors to our Web site has doubled."


Anonymous said...

Stalin wrote romantic poetry. Did you know this?

Maybe you already knew this but I bet a lot of people didn't know. They didn't know about Stalin's softer side because the only thing they ever hear about is how Stalin supposedly killed one million or ten million people (the number keeps going up all the time). But Stalin got a bad rap. He was one of Russia's greatest leaders. It was Stalin who transformed Russia from being a backward peasant society into a modern industrial powerhouse. Stalin built all the great industries in Russia, which would have taken capitalism 100 years to do (if it ever did). Capitalist world imperialism views Russia as a storehouse for its own industries, supplying petroleum, gas, timber and other minerals to the West. The West gets no advantage from a technologically and industrially advanced Russia emerging as a major economic competitor. The only beneficiaries of that would be the Russians themselves.

But Stalin also led Russia to its glorious victory over the fascist Germans in World War 2. This was and is one of Russia's proudest moments. The Russian people managed to fend off a superior military power and save the Motherland from fascism and brutal Nazi control. They have every right to be very proud of this accomplishment by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics under the leadership of Joseph Stalin.

It may surprise a lot of people but a substantial fraction of Russians think Joseph Stalin is a great man. For millions of Russians, the fact that Stalin is so maligned in the West is not a reason to doubt Stalin's greatness, but only all the more reason to affirm it!

This Stalin ad campaign is being placed by Russia Today, and their slogan is "Proud to be different." And is there some reason why they shouldn't be proud to be different?

The New World Order system has managed to get a stranglehold on almost all of the world's mass media, the newspapers, television, radio and the other media outlets. The Internet is still relatively free, but that is only because they haven't figured out a way to control it yet. But once they figure it out they will exercise the same control over the Internet that they already have over the other media. The project to do this is already well advanced.

In fact this really leads to the essence of why the New World Order feels so threatened by Russia in general, and threatened by an ad such as this Russia Today ad. The New World Order won the Cold War. Their combined economies are probably 20 times larger than Russia's. They control all of the world's major sea lanes. They have military bases dotted all over the Middle East and the world. They are stamping down new doors in Afghanistan and Iraq even as I write this post. In other regions of the world they are on the march, expanding their control and domination over the world's people and resources. Their control over the world's media is all but total, which means that they alone determine what people of the globe can think, feel and say. And yet they are losing their minds over Russia... But why? Why?!

We know that the Russian people strongly support their current leadership. There is no real opposition in Russia not because it is suppressed but simply because there is none. What little opposition exists in Russia is not Russian in any case. These so-called "opposition" organizations receive their funding and direction from foreign intelligence agencies, such as the CIA and MI6, in collaboration with billionaires, both Russian and foreign (men such as the American George Soros and the Russian oligarch-gangster Boris Berezovsky). The Russian oligarch-tycoons and their foreign backers controlled Russia during the 1990's and they've never forgotten the taste of power. They are diabolically determined to reestablish their control over Russia. To this end they have enlisted the help of hostile foreign intelligence agencies. Of course the security services of the Russian Federation are perfectly aware of all this. These criminals will never succeed in their mad plans to enslave Russia and her people. I will say again, Russia is not Iraq. Russia has the means at her disposal to protect herself, her state, her people and her resources from such diabolical exploits, both at home and abroad.

So there is no real opposition to the government of Vladimir Putin in Russia. Putin has done good things for Russia and the vast majority of Russians realize this and they are grateful. The admiration of Vladimir Putin has gone beyond mere gratitude and now it has become something of a national love for the man. His stock has risen so much in recent months that one wonders if the Orthodox Church will soon canonize a new St. Vladimir. Of course this embarrasses the usually very modest Mr. Putin to no end. The fact is that fate has given Putin this role as "Defender of Holy Mother Russia", willing or unwilling though he may be, and he must fulfill it! It is his destiny! Vladimir Putin is not a man motivated by greed or lust, or any of the base things which motivate many men. Those who suggest such motives for Putin are simpletons without any understanding. They impute their own spiritual diseases to a man that they cannot comprehend. Putin is a man who is only motivated by his deep patriotism and deep love for the glorious Motherland and her people! What makes Putin special is not so much his patriotism, which all Russians have in abundance, as the special training that he received in the security services of the USSR and the Russian Federation. Putin is Russia's James bond, and he is very wise to the ways of the enemy. He is bound to use his skills in the service of the state and he cannot retire even if he wants to, because his service is still needed.

I will ask what real "opposition" is there in the USA, I mean opposition outside of the American so-called "two party" system? In fact the American two-party system is really only a one-party system, which is the rule of the American elite. The two-party system is a clever invention designed to give people the illusion of real political "choice" when in fact there is none. The purpose of the American two-party system is to absorb and subvert any opposition or dissent to the rulership of the ruling class in the US. Every time a real political "opposition" emerges in the US, outside of its two party system, then one of the two parties will embrace that opposition, absorb it, "assimilate" it and thereby defang it and render it harmless to the real ruling class in the US. Meanwhile the same ruling class has ruled America without any real "opposition" not only from year to year but even from generation to generation, even since the days of George Washington himself.

Here's a simple question. The American people gave the Democratic Party a clear mandate to end the war in Iraq when they swept the Republicans out of Congress in 2004 and created a new Democrat majority. So why is the war still going on 3 years later? To understand the answer to this question one must understand the real nature of the US two-party system and what its purpose is (in the context of the ruling class in America). The American elite has decided to prosecute the war in Iraq for its own reasons, and there is no such thing as a "democratic opposition" that prevents the ruling class from doing what it wants. Polls have consistently shown that a broad majority of Americans are against the war and want it to stop. But yet it does not stop. Here we can see the US two-party system in action, doing precisely what it is designed to do. Here, one of the two parties (in this case the Democratic Party) will absorb and assimilate (and thus defang) the real democratic "opposition" of the people. Americans are told that you can vote for only one of two parties (only one of two, can you imagine), or else you will "waste your vote". But in fact neither of these two parties ever truly represents "the opposition" nor is capable of representing them.

It is the USA, not Russia, which has invented the most clever and diabolical system for subverting democracy and for establishing one-party rule (under the guise of two-party rule). Two parties are only necessary instead of one because this allows the US ruling class to maintain the illusion of political "choice".

Millions of Americans watch the 24/7 cable news, and obsess over the talking heads on TV, such as Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. Americans fight each other like cats and dogs and exhaust themselves over partisan "political" issues that have zero real political significance. Meanwhile the ruling class goes on happily ruling, as it always has, without any real "opposition" whatsoever.

So before America can have the moral authority to criticize Russia because Russia lacks any real political opposition, the Americans first have to show us their own "opposition". Where is this opposition in America? I haven't seen it. Where does it live? I want a real address and a real phone number. I want a place where I can send this American opposition some money, as the Americans have sent millions of their dollars to the so-called Russian opposition. If the Americans say they are unable to show us their opposition because there is none, then Russia can say it too!

But Russia does not want to be ruled by the American ruling class. Russia already has its own thank you. True enough the Russians have not been clever enough (yet) to invent something as bizarre and effective as American "two party system" for enforcing total unary political control, while still giving the illusion to the people (inside) and to the world (outside) that there is political "choice".

But Russia's infant-democracy is still in its George Washington days, and Russia has found its George Washington, in Vladimir Putin. The Russian government still has the advantage that the majority of Russians actually understand what it is trying to do and fully support it (unlike American people, who are mostly clueless that their government is ruling the largest empire in the world and seeking to expand that empire around the world by the cynical and brutal use of violent force against innocent people, and who would never support such a thing if they did know about it). Therefore, because Russians understand and agree with their government, there is basically no opposition in Russia. I'm sorry, but that's just the way the cookie crumbles. Whatever opposition exists is a product of outside influences, which are busy trying to subvert Russia's democratic institutions for the purpose of bringing Russia under alien control. Russia's leadership understands this and has explained it to the people. Russia is under threat, and the people have rallied to the government.

Yes, Russia dares to be different in that Russia refuses to allow itself to be controlled by the alien influences of New World Order. Russian politics and media are truly independent, and they can say things that are not "politically correct" and not sanctioned by the thought police in the West. This is just what really makes the Russia-haters go insane, when they see something like this ad with Joseph Stalin's image on it. The ad asks the simple question, "Did you know that Stalin wrote love poems?" Of course the question is completely rhetorical for its intended audience, because in the West it can be safely assumed that 99 percent of the people did not know this about Stalin. We may already assume that they know nothing at all about Joseph Stalin, other than the officially sanctioned views about Stalin which have been reported in the heavily controlled Western media. What's the politically correct "sanctioned" Western version of Stalin? Of course it says that he was a butcher, psychopath, mass-murderer, megalomaniac, and probably a necrophiliac too, a baby eater, you name it. Apparently no calumny is sufficient for old Uncle Joe in the sanctioned Western media. Old Joe must have irritated the wrong people or stepped on the wrong toes. But it still doesn't make any of the things they say about him true. (By the way, Stalin would not have lived as long as he did if they didn't discover the doctor's plot to poison him when they did.)

Let's even assume for the sake of argument that some of what the West says about Stalin is true. So then do they deny that Stalin wrote romantic poetry? Do they claim it is a lie? Of course they would be happy if the ad said "Did you know that Stalin killed bazillions of people?" But that would be simply repeating the same old tired Western propaganda which everyone in the West "already knows" about Stalin. So such an ad would have no effect, no value as an ad.

But what what this ad hints at and what Russia Today promises is access to information that you many not already know, about Stalin and perhaps about many things pertaining to Russia. The ad promises a window into a different perspective about Russia, and therefore one may assume that Russia Today and this ad would have little appeal to someone who was not interested in a different perspective about Russia. But it is precisely this "different perspective" (non-sanctioned, non-politically correct), which contradicts the "official truth" (about Stalin, about Russia or about anything) which is what drives them insane. They are bothered by the very fact that some perspective exists (even exists at all) anywhere on the planet, which they cannot control and stamp out, and which is beyond the influence of their thought police.

These so called "democrats" and "liberals" are in fact freedom haters, thought controllers and petty dictators of the worst sort. They wear their feigned concern about the "plight of democracy in Russia" in their sleeves, but in truth their syrupy "sincerity" is only a cloak to hide their true intentions. The type of "freedom" and "democracy" they have in mind for Russia is exactly the same sort of freedom and democracy they imposed on Iraq. Such "democracy" can only happen in Russia when it too has been assimilated into their New World Order Empire. Then it will not matter whether one lives in Moscow, London or New York, because if he picks up a newspaper or turns on a television set, he will only see the same version of "truth" anyway. (In this version Stalin never wrote love poems, he only killed people and ate babies.)

But if there is one small island of free thought or independent action anywhere on the planet, it is necessarily construed as an existential "threat" to the NWO clan, because any such place, if it exists at all, has the potential to become a springboard from which the liberation of the entire world might occur. This explains NATO's insane and overblown reaction to a proud and defiant Slobodan Milosevic, leader of a small but defiant Slavic country, and why they had to bomb Serbia so savagely and completely destroy it. The NWO does not tolerate dissent of any sort. In their society a person is "free" only in a very limited and constrained sense, meaning free to think, believe, say and do whatever they have decided you should think, believe, say and do, whatever is politically correct. But this is the same as saying that one is not really free at all.

As long as Russia continues to exist as one defiant island of freedom and true democracy in the world it necessarily "threatens" the New World Order, just because of its existence alone. But Russia is not a small island of freedom; it is a large and powerful island. That only makes Russia all the more dangerous to the forces of global domination, the one world order, and it makes them even more determined to destroy Russia and to stamp her out from the pages of their rewritten history books. The fact that they have not succeeded in bringing Russia under control makes them go insane. They literally can't sleep at night for thinking about it and obsessing over it. If you think I am joking, just watch it, in the media and elsewhere. It is actually a bit funny to watch them lose their minds, like a cat which has gotten too much catnip, whenever the subject of Russia comes up.

When one examines an anti-Russian organization (such as this blog, or one of the many so-called "opposition" groups in Russia) one is immediately struck by an apparent contradiction. On one hand they say that they "care" about Russia and Russians, and they only worry because President Putin is doing "this" or "that" thing which is "against democracy". They say that the Russian people will be so much better off once Russia does away with Putin and becomes assimilated into their world system.

This would seem to indicate at least an apparent surface concern for the welfare of Russia and Russians. But this concern is merely feigned, as anyone can see, because however syrupy their words may be the fangs in their mouths cannot stay hidden for long. Listen to them long enough, and watch their mouths, and their barely concealed hatred and contempt for the Russian people, culture and all things Russian will come pouring out, just like a waterfall. It soon becomes apparent that the agenda of such groups is not any sincere concern for the welfare of Russia or the Russian people, but rather a pathological hatred for Russians (and for all Slavic peoples more generally) and the Orthodox Christian values that they embrace. They will never be satisfied until Russia and all the Slavs are completely destroyed or at the very least until they smash all forms of Slavic political expression so that the people are reduced to living in tiny little political "statelets" which would preclude any possibility of a unified political or cultural expression.

They do not hate Slavs and Russians uniquely, but in truth their hatred is much broader and it is directed against any European and Christian society that (at least if it was in its right mind) could potentially constitute a bulwark against the fraudulent and empty civilizational values of their NWO. But this special hatred for Russia and the Slavs has only risen to the surface more recently because all of the other European peoples along with their states have already fallen under the control of the NWO. Russia alone is still in a position to offer resistance. Therefore by an accident of history Russia has become the last outpost of freedom and resistance to the NWO in the world. Russia is the last refuge from what would otherwise be the total domination of all peoples in the world by the demonic New World Order. This and this alone explains the special hatred that they now hold for Russia. In my opinion this NWO is profoundly evil even to its very core and every Christian person (not just every Russian) has a duty to do all in his power to undermine and subvert it, and eventually to bring it crashing down into the ash heap of all the insane designs for global domination throughout history. As long as Russia exists and as long as she is still free there is still hope. Long Live Holy Mother Russia!

La Russophobe said...

Let's remind the world about the wonderful watercolors Hitler painted while he was starving and killing Russians in Leningrad and Stalingrad too, shall we?

We don't recall President Putin mixing in good points about the West in his recent crazy diatribe about foreign conspiracies. Did we miss something? Or are Russians already fully informed about Western virtues?

You just don't get it, and you never will. That's why Russians work for $4 and hour and don't reach age 60.

Stalin killed more Russians than Hitler, and you're rationalizing him. You're far more dangerous to the Russian people than any foreign enemy.

Anonymous said...

Apparently it hasn't occurred to Ms. Simonjan that the number of visitors to their website has doubled because people can't frickin' believe what they put on it....