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Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Sunday Photos Part I: Diktatu Net!

The above image is from a Russian opposition website called Diktatu Net! As explained on Moscow Grafitti, it's an alteration of a Putin campaign sticker declaring "VICTORY!" (the Russian word is "победа" -- the grafittist has crossed out the first two letters of the world and transformed it into "беда" meaning "suffering." MG also points out another clever wordplay by Diktatu Net which means "say no to dictatorship" -- they've taken the address on the internet. So long as clever people like this are willing to use their wits and risk their lives to put out material like this, there's always a chance for Russia. Groups like DN which struggle to establish alternative voices in Russia deserve all the support we can give them. It's really a shame, for instance, that more of these websites are not translated into English, and LR encourages all readers with such facilities to contact the sites and offer their services. English not only makes the sites accessible to native English speakers but also to millions of others who use English as a link language. LR is always interested in receiving such materials for publication on this blog. Many such organizations are listed in our sidebar and we are always interested in hearing about others.


Professor Howdy said...

Very good posting.
Thank you - Have a good day!!!

La Russophobe said...


Anonymous said...

What is your point? If Russians like Putin, let them have him. They hate Berzovskys Kasparovs, etc. - that's for sure.

La Russophobe said...

By that logic it would have been fine to let the Germans have Hitler. Some people think that sooner or later Hitler would have wanted Americans to have him too.

Anonymous said...

Bezhnev left Russia with so many nukes (and Monther nature gave it so much oil and gas) that nothing can be done about Russia at all at this point. So, it makes all the tantrums about what Russia suppose to do versus what it is doing basically irrelevant for the next 50 years or so.

Comparing Putin to Hitler is demagogery at best - Russia left Eastern Europe and 14 Union republics basically without much violence and there is no evidence that it plans to militarily attack any country. Russia is more like Mexico and Turkey than Switzerland, of course (authoritarian, ruthless with separatists, but far from totalitarian). And this this is how Russia is going to look for the next 30-50 years. However, it does not make the former 'evil regimes' that looks like Hitler Germany.

And Jews are running pretty successeful businesses down in Russia, by the way.

Scraps of Moscow said...

As explained on Moscow Grafitti, it's an alteration of a Putin campaign sticker declaring "VICTORY!"

To clarify, I'm pretty sure this was not a modified Putin campaign sticker (I don't think his campaign team was really up on the guerrilla marketing thing, especially when they had the TV at their disposal), but rather a sticker entirely created by

Whoever designed it created a faux pro-Putin sticker and then crossed out the "PO" before printing. Other visually effective posters from the same website are available here.