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Monday, April 16, 2007

More Harbingers of Doom for Russia

In the United States, there are expected to be three times more people in the work-age population than there are retirees by the year 2025. However, this is viewed as a crisis, since the number is expected to have fallen from more than four times as many today. Kommersant reports, however, that in Russia the situation is truly grave: "Russia’s non-working population will exceed the number of working-age citizens by 15 million people in 10 years, said Vladimir Iontsev, head of the Moscow State University’s demography and population department, on Friday during the round table devoted to Moscow’s development strategy up to 2025." Iontsev also stated that " a considerable part of children under age 14 are beer alcoholics. Thus, they will be unable to improve Russia’s demographics in future."

In another horrifying proof of utter failure, it was reported that Russia experienced nearly 800 fatalities caused by accidents or crimes in its military last year according to the Kremlin's own data, undoubtedly a gross understatement. In America, with a population twice the size of Russia's and with the country mired in a massive military conflict in Iraq, the figure was less than 600. In Russia, the report continued: "
In addition, 6,700 recruits were maltreated by officers or senior soldiers. Thirty-three of them died as a result."

Finally, yet another conclusive indication of total failure came when Atlantic magazine polled 49 foreign policy experts and asked them whether Putin was good or bad for the United States and good or bad for the world. Overwhelming majorities, 62% in the latter case and 69% in the former, said Putin was bad. Putin has hitched his star to George Bush Jr., who has promtly become one of the least popular president in modern memory and lost control over both houses of the American legislature. In so doing he has alienated both the entire left and the large portion of the right that is anti-Soviet. Now, even academia is concluding he's a menace not only to American national security but that of the world itself.

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