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Friday, January 05, 2007

When Will they Ever Learn?

Once again, a hapless Western rocker has been victimized by Russia.

First, Eric Clapton wasn't even allowed in the country.

Then Madonna got in, and her concert turned out to be one of the biggest disasters in Rock & Roll history, as a tiny audience of "new Russian" automatons gaped slack-jawed and silent while surrounded by a troop of solidiers larger than the crowd in fear of Chechen attack.

And now, Earth Times reports that George Michael has been victimized by the fact, previously reported on La Russophobe, that a person is twenty times more likely to be harmed by fire in Russia than in the United States:

British pop star George Michael received bad news after playing a $3 million gig in Russia on New Year's Eve -- his equipment had gone up in flames.The musical equipment, which was worth a lot of money, should be covered by his huge paycheck from the show he played for Russian billionaire Vladimir Potanin, The Sun newspaper reported Thursday.Michael was already on his way back to London on a private jet when the fire started at the suburban Moscow venue, and what's worse is that it is thought the fire was started by a crewmember playing with leftover pyrotechnics.Among the gear destroyed in the fire was a 42-inch plasma teleprompter and some of the band's instruments.Michael played his 13-song gig after a talking parrot act and a Russian dance troupe performed.
When will they ever learn? When will they EVER learn?


SiberianLight said...

I guess George was the warm up act, then...

La Russophobe said...

LOL! Molodets!