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Friday, October 05, 2007

October 5, 2007 -- Contents


(1) Editorial: Annals of Russian Militarism

(2) The WSJ Rips Putin a New One

(3) The Secret to Putin's "Popularity" Revealed

(4) The Nightmare of Putin's Permanent Rule

(5) Bovt on the Neo-Soviet Mindset

(6) Once Again, Russia Convicted in the ECHR Over Chechnya

NOTE: Regular content publication is suspended after today until Tuesday morning, October 9th. Tomorrow, our special tribute edition to Anna Politkovskaya will appear, and will remain at the head of the blog through Monday, October 8th (Columbus Day in the USA). Sunday, October 7th, is the one-year anniversary of Anna's cowardly murder.

NOTE: Radio Free Europe commemorates Politkovskaya here. Yesterday we listed a bunch of related events in the U.S., U.K. and Belgium. If you know of others, do post them as comments or forward e-mail.

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