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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

October 3, 2007 -- Contents


(1) Annals of Cold War II: Again, Russia Menaces America

(2) Goble Exposes Neo-Soviet Lies

(3) Annals of "Pacified" Chechnya: War in the Streets

(4) Tymoshenko Spits in Putin's Eye

(5) Repeating History: How Russia Lost the Moon

NOTE: La Russophobe's first installment as Russia Correspondent on the Pajama's Media megablog is now in print. It deals with an outrageously skewed description of Chechnya by the New York Times, just another in a long series of egregious lapses by the Gray Lady in recent months. Check it out, and feel free to leave your comments on the important subject of getting accurate information about Russia as the neo-Soviet crackdown escalates. LR's post on Publius Pundit in regard to the Ukraine elections continues this discussion. Clearly, America needs a new "paper of record."

NOTE: LR reviews the Ukrainian election returns, and Russia's outrageous threats against the Tymoshenko government, in her latest Publius Pundit entry. Comments as to Russia's continuing threats to Ukrainian security are most welcome.

NOTE: Here's an interesting new blog discovery: A Soviet Poster a Day.

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