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Friday, October 12, 2007

October 11, 2007 -- Contents


(1) Another Original LR Translation: Latynina on the Trail of Anna's Killers

(2) The Fangs of Inflation Continue to Poison Russia

(3) The Wild, Wild East: So Much for Russian "Superiority"

(4) Annals of Russian Xenophobia: Now, Its Official

(5) Annals of the Russian Comedy: Talk about Being Hard up for Heroes!

(6) The Mailbag: Russian Royally Flushed

NOTE: Check out La Russophobe's latest installment on Publius Pundit where, relying on scholar-blogger Paul Goble's outstanding reports, she reviews Iran's efforts to export its brand of radical Islam to Azerbaijan and the consequences for Russian security.


James said...

My dearest Russophobe!

Why no coverage of Sarkozy's visit to Moscow?

I always have to laugh the way that the Russians so desperately want to imagine themselves sophisticates in league with the continentals as a counterweight to the brutish Anglo-Saxons. Sarkozy blows that theory right out of the water, eh?

If I were a millionaire, I'd love to fund a survey throughout Europe consisting of just one question: "Would you rather live in the United States or Russia?"

We know the answer.

La Russophobe said...

All in good time, dear sir, all in good time. If you have a specific article you'd like us to look at, do please post links.