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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Ivanov Calls for non-boycott of Estonia

This one is a real classic. The Beeb reports that on response to Estonia daring to remove a Soviet-era monument to the Red Army from it's capital (Estonians quite properly view the Red Army as a colonizing force that raped the nation), First Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov declared that "Russians should also consider alternatives to Estonian dairy produce, although he said he was not calling for a boycott." He continued:

"I'm not calling for a boycott," Mr Ivanov told armed forces veterans in Moscow. "It's not a question of state sanctions. I'm talking about the individual citizen's stance. Don't buy Estonian food, don't go on holiday in Estonia, go to our Kaliningrad instead for a holiday."

So let's see now. The First Deputy Prime Minister of Russia tells the country's citizens to stop buying Estonian products in order to force Estonians to keep a monument to Russia they don't want, but it's not calling for a boycott?

How neo-Soviet can you get? How can these people possibly think they can get away with this crap? Are they really that cut off from reality? If so, Russia is clearly doomed.

1 comment:

Snake Oil Baron said...

I wish I could buy some Estonian dairy products here in Canada. I hope that First Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov gets rickets. It is a childhood disease after all.