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Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Sunday Photos: Reasons for Learning Russian

1 comment:

Uncle Davey on GG2(b) said...

Hi. Interesting to see my face here in your russophobic blog.

All publicity is grist to my mill, although I am not in anyway anti-Russian myself. I may take the mickey out of Russia, but my satire is well meant, in the way you would tease a friend, or at least someone you would hope is rather your friend than your enemy.

The fact that I do a spoof Russian who is in some ways rather laughable does not imply any badwill on my part to Russia or other Russian speaking nations, or even their leaders, in as much as their election was the true democratic expression of will of the people of the country. Not all cases of leaders in the Russian speaking world can honestly claim that, but no sound case has been made against Putin's being a popular politician when it comes to the ballot box. His heavy-handedness with regard to yabloko recently is simply overkill, in my opinion, and serves only to reinforce western suspicions that he and his party are using unacceptable methods to silence their opponents.

If this President is to go down in history with the relatively positive account of him that most of us expected him to have as little as 5 years ago, he is going to have to believe in himself more, and instigate finally reforms which will strengthen the state and the constitution and the rights of Russians and the other resident peoples of Russia against the whims of individuals with their own agendas for the acquisition of wealth, power and the various gratifications that accompany these things.

What I would like to see is less corruption in Russia and a balancing of the economy, and a proper rapprochement of Russia with Europe, which is where Russia still spiritually belongs - other Orthodox countries like Greece, Romania and Bulgaria are happy enough being part of the European family. I would like to see these nations co-operate and unite against the threat of Islamic militarism on the one hand, and the economic dominance of Asia on the other. I don't think our Western interests are served at all with Russia being treated as a pariah. That is not to say that there is not plenty to criticise - it is rather the way of criticism, namely the amount of underlying goodwill, that I think is crucial.

I hope that the owner/moderator will allow this comment to stand with this link to my youtube video, as it is only fair that I should have my say. Otherwise it appears that I am supportive of things being said on your site, some of which I do not agree with.