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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Russia Leads the World . . . in Computer Fraud

Another map of failure for neo-Soviet Russia (unless, of course, you are a criminal or wish to become one). PC Advisor reports that "a map unveiled by McAfee and based on data from its SiteAdvisor service marks Russia and Romania as the countries whose domains are most likely to host ‘drive-by’ exploits." More evidence that, as in most things apart from oil and weapons production, Russia is a corrupt banana republic. PC Advisor states:

"When it comes to safety, it turns out that the web is no different than the physical world. There are safe neighbourhoods and safe web domains, and then there are places no one should ever visit," said Mark Maxwell, a McAfee senior product manager. Of the major top-level country domains, 5.6 percent of the sites in Romania (.ro) and 4.5 percent of those for Russia (.ru) were among the riskiest, said McAfee. The two nations also placed second and third, respectively, in the percentage of their country domains that host malicious code.

And so it goes in neo-Soviet Russia.

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