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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Last Nail in the 2012 Sochi Olympic Bid's Coffin

One might have thought that the most serious threat to life and limb at the proposed 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi would have been the multitude of nearby Chechen terrorists. Not necessarily so! Russian ski lifts may prove far more lethal, as the Moscow News reports:

An avalanche swept into a chairlift Sunday at a ski resort that is part of Russia’s bid for the 2014 Winter Olympics, killing a 10-year-old child and trapping at least three other people, The Associated Press news agency reports quoting Russian Emergencies Ministry. The avalanche took place at Krasnaya Polyana, one of Russia’s best-known ski centers. Sergei Petrov, a spokesman for the emergency ministry’s southern district, said the avalanche swept the four people off a chairlift. About 60 other people were on the lift at the time. Krasnaya Polyana, in the Caucasus Mountains about 30 miles east of the Black Sea resort city of Sochi, is visited annually by Russian President Vladimir Putin for a skiing holiday.

And if the ski lifts and terrorists don't get you, the orange snow may well do.


Timothy Post said...

Real nice. A 10 year old boy dies and you use it to further your agenda. Do you have no shame?

La Russophobe said...

Real nice. A 10 year old boy dies and you ignore it to further your agendea of personal profit by luring unsuspecting foreigners to Russia. Do you have no shame?