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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Estonia Outlaws Sovietism

The Beeb reports that Russia is "shocked, shocked" to learn that Estonians feel Soviet symbols are just as horrifying as Nazi symbols:

A Russian foreign ministry spokesman said it was "blasphemous" to equate the hammer and sickle with Nazi emblems.

The Estonian government has put a bill before parliament calling for fines or jail terms of up to three years for those who display such symbols.

Estonia was occupied by the Nazis in World War II and then ruled by Moscow for five decades.

Russia denies the Soviet years amounted to an "occupation" of Estonia.

War veterans in the large Russian minority in Estonia often wave red Soviet flags when marking Soviet-era anniversaries.

The Baltic republic became independent in 1991 and is a member of both Nato and the EU.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Mikhail Kamynin said on Thursday that "recently the Estonian side has been obstinately taking provocative steps aimed at seriously aggravating our relations".

"The Estonian authorities are continuing their blasphemous attempts to rewrite the history, bracketing Nazi crimes with the feat of the Soviet people, who made a decisive contribution to the liberation of Europe from fascism," Itar-Tass news agency quoted him as saying.


Audrius said...

That's right. Nazis are equal to soviets - there are no diferences between both ideology and implementation of. Hope that Lithuania will make the same step.

17 ugly raccoons said...

It is always good to see how some pocket-size countries without significant history (except of rich history of serving as swineherds under their German masters) and influence trying to look adult and making cosmic decisions. They think history is over and there will be no consequences, only eternal joy. We'll see, right?

Anonymous said...

If you ask me, the Soviets were a LOT WORSE than the Nazis! GO ESTONIA! Remove ALL the Soviet garbage from our country~do no forget the Soviet occupation of Estonia-and never let it happen again!