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Monday, December 04, 2006

Annals of Neo-Soviet Failure

Global Voices reports on the recent move in the Russian Duma to require women to get their husbands' consent before obtaining an abortion.

This goes right along with the prior move to impose a tax on families that dare to have no children.

Russians simply cannot solve social problems except by resort to brute force, which means they simply cannot solve them at all. So it has been for time out of mind, and if it so continues it will be the downfall of the nation. At first we heard Putin's idea of bribing mommies to have children, which sounded strange given the fact that Russians are supposed to be so full of patriotism. Why do they need to be bribed do do what is good for the "Motherland"? Of course, it turned out to be a totally empty idea, not least because impoverished Russia simply doesn't have the money to fund it when it needs to build ICMBs, pay for universal conscription and a new Cold War. So now it's back to the brass knucks.

Here we see the neo-Soviet chickens coming home to roost. Russians hoot and crow about the killing of Litvinenko, and look the other way at the killing of Politkovskaya.

They never think that tomorrow, it will be their necks on the block.

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