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Sunday, July 27, 2008

July 27, 2008 -- Contents


(1) The Sunday Photos

(2) The Sunday Sermon

(3) The Sunday Sacrilege

(4) The Sunday Sit-Down Strike

(5) The Sunday "Saint"

(6) The Sunday Funnies

NOTE: Kim Zigfeld's latest installment on Pajamas Media details the latest horrifying facts indicating that the Kremlin is engaged in politically-motivated murder campaigns to advance its interests, and pointing out that these murdering thugs are licking their chops in anticipation of an Obama presidency. Those who support democracy should be heartened, however, by the fact that the Kremlin understands it is so weak that it can't win arguments or votes; instead, the only way it can hope to prevail is crude violence, little different from that practiced by the Chechen "bandits" it purports to despise. Comments as to how the West should best respond to this barbaric outrage are welcome.


Penny said...

How silly, leave it Oleg Vorotnikov and his band of little artists to use such dumb vanity escapades to poke the authorities in the eye. Sorry, but, something as stupid as a sex-on-video protest smacks of the lefty moonbats here in the west. It's so typically Russian, inane, dramatic and useless.

Meanwhile the vise tightens on these frivolous 20 somethings. Democracy is dead, the Gulag is being rejuvinated, the courts are a sham and the media belongs to the state while the Russian sheeple graze blissfully unaware

I'd have more respect for poor Oleg and his friends if they linked up with the serious, those few that would organize at risk to themselves a real protest.

That democracy is worth dying for is a concept that the few of us that have it understand and earned. Russia is a failed culture by any western measurement. Years into the horror of Stalin there was never a Warsaw uprising any where by Russians that understood the evil. Sometimes living on your knees is s good as it gets.

They are lucky that their leaders have given them what breathing space that they have. They sure haven't earned it.

I'll quit disparaging the Russians when they give me a reason not to have a low opinion of them.

Anonymous said...

True, gathering up friends to make a sex-on-video sneak tape is, shall we say, a rather odd way to criticize a repressive regime.

But then again, when people are repressed every step of the way, I guess you use what you can.

Anyway, what is even odder, or more disturbing perhaps, is the parents' reaction mentioned in the article.

They are more upset about the sex-on-video, to the point of kicking their own child out of the house, than they are about the repression and corruption.

To me, it's typical upside down rooskie - let the government beat you, steal from you, kill you, torture you, eliminate freedom of the press, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly - that's OK.

But sex-on-video, especially when human trafficking is so prevalent and porn is readily available in roosha - no, no, no, rooskies can 't have that.

Odd bunch of people.