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Friday, August 01, 2008

August 1, 2008 -- Contents


(1) EDITORIAL: The Kremlin Backs Down

(2) Another Original LR Translation: Essel on #1 Russia

(3) The Russian Internet Under Fire

(4) Russia, Faithful Guardian of War Criminals

(5) Medvedev and the New Nomenclatura

(6) McCain Puts one Across Putin's Bows

(7) Kasparov on Obama

NOTE: The final two installments in today's issue (nos. 6 and 7) make a nice contrast. John McCain confronts Russia over its latest salvo of anti-democratic hubris, while Garry Kasparov takes Barack Obama to task for his shameful failure to do the same. Obama has a made a career based on civil rights, yet his core beliefs are nowhere in evidence where Russia is concerned.

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