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Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Sunday Funnies


Tower Bolshevik said...

Yes, these cartoons are funny. The first depicts Putin killing the very same Russia he rules over. A good description of the Kremlin capitalists, but an offense to the poor ape.

The second, Russia ruling Great Britain? My, my, some people really do have to much time on their hands.

The third is my favorite. That glass really needs to be broken. Worker and farmer of Russia must unite and rise up again like in 1917. It is an emergency. But of course it would be a living nightmare for Putin, the Russian capitalists; and of course nightmarish for the U.S, British, NATO, U.N, E.U governments.

La Russophobe said...

As for us we don't find the idea of Russia playing national Russian roulette all that funny. But we must admit that Russians do seem have established a historical pattern of viewing the suffering of their children as hilarious.

More's the pity.

Tower Bolshevik said...

I think you do see how sickening the capitalist system in Russia is, but because this is the U.S system is well, you find it comfortable to use a silly label "neo-Soviet". Furthmore, you complain about Russia; yet look at the American system, and how the economy is crumbling. Flushing money down the toilet to fund two failed and lost wars. It is America who is also playing national Russian roulette.