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Monday, May 12, 2008

EDITORIAL: Timothy Post: Malignant Kremlin Henchman


Timothy Post: Malignant Kremlin Henchman

On Monday May 5th, the Moscow Times reported that Russia's new prime minister Vladimir Putin would impose draconian new restrictions on members of the press operating inside his new lair at the White House (Russia's parliament building) and would vastly expand the number of deputy prime ministers doing his bidding, nearly doubling the total Russia's outgoing PM had to work with. In other words, he was dramatically increasing the authority of the Prime Minister (Putin also announced he would take control over the regional supervisors he himself had appointed to monitor the actions of the governors -- whom he also had appointed -- and seized control of the "United Russia" party of power).

The New York Times reports that, announcing the appointment of ministers for his new government, Putin "sat at the same place at a table that he used as president for these performances. Mr. Medvedev, officially the president, sat in a chair that viewers have come to regard as for subordinates." The ministers were all Putin's former flunkies; Medvedev will not be allowed to bring in any new faces. As the Times states: "The announcements reinforced the image that Mr. Putin will retain a grip on power and the direction of policy in Russia. Putin even kept the pen he had been given in transition by Boris Yeltsin, taking it with him to the White House rather than handing it over to Dmitri Medvedev.

Those were oddly assertive moves for someone who's about to disappear from high office in accordance with the spirit of the Russian Constitution, weren't they?

How do we know he's going to disappear? Well, Timothy Post told us so, of course. That nasty little Russophile propagandist Mr. Post (pictured, with our doodles -- folks like Tim are how folks like Senator McCarthy get started), who operates a business in Russia and relentlessly seeks to curry favor with the Putin administration with a torrent of ridiculous lies on Russia Blog after his own pathetic excuse for a blog turned out to be total failure (for instance, a propaganda diatribe that might just as well have been written by the Kremlin, and probably was, showing how Putin loves children and suggesting the Kremlin pour more money into his business ventures) and with bird-dropping-like comments on other blogs, went on record a few months ago with the following prediction:

"New Year’s Prediction: Putins resigns. Medvedev is President. Putin Prime Minister. Medvedev wins in March. Putin resigns as Prime Minister."

You'll recall how well Post's boss at Russia Blog, the venal and mendacious Putin servant Yuri Mamchur, did with his own similar prediction, which we exposed as wholly fraudulent some time ago. So recalling, you'll doubtless have some curiosity as to whether even one single syllable of what Post uttered turned out to be true.

In summary, according to this malignant subhuman reptile:

(a) Some time before the presidential elections in March Vladimir Putin was supposed to resign in order to make Dmitri Medvedev president, as Boris Yeltsin did for Putin.

Didn't happen.

(b) Medvedev was then to name Putin his prime minister.

Given Putin's non-resignation, it wasn't surprising when that failed to occur as well. Putin served out his full "presidential" term as "president." Medvedev named Putin long before the election occurred.

(c) Then, as the capper, as soon as Medvedev was elected, Putin was to resign as prime minister and leave the government entirely.

Again, not so much.

The blogger at Eternal Remont explains the actual facts:
Time is ticking down for President Putin’s final term. But the transition to Prime Minister is already taking shape. Last month, a Levada Center poll found that 61% of Russian’s believed “power in the country will remain in the hands of [Vladimir] Putin and his entourage.”

How astute.

Days later, State Duma Speaker Boris Gryzlov confirmed that the out-going president will indeed be made head of United Russia. Soon after reports began to surface that Putin would keep control over all, or some, of the power ministries. Just to be safe, Putin will also keep his authority over federal envoys to the regions -- formerly answeable to the president.

If the current trend holds, then Putin is firmly on track to fundamentally alter the structure of state authority. Vremya Novostei has already noted that, “After May 7, we will have a president very limited in his actions and a premier very powerful in the sphere of realpolitik (Jamestown).”

Indeed, this new order will more closely approximate the former Soviet model of federal governance, whereby the presidency is relegated to a symbolic office, one party dominates the legislature, and the party general secretary – in this case Putin – will exercise true state power.

For Medvedev, the writing should be on the wall.

But hell, viva democracia!
Now, what would you suppose would have been Tim's response to being proved utterly wrong. Think Tim might have written a post on Russia Blog apologizing for his lies, or do you think he might have just swept it all under the carpet the same way his malignant boss Yuri Mamchur did?

You thought right. Deafening silence from Tim and Russia Blog. Again.

Their "report" on "Putin's last day as president and first day as "prime minister" consisted of not one but two YouTubes of Russia Today propaganda screeds.

Now, why would Tim have made these ridiculously false statements? Could the purpose have been to get Westerners to drop their guard so that Putin could consolidate his malignant dictatorship unfettered?

You better believe it could be. And it was. Now granted, Tim is so insignificant that his drivel couldn't influence the path of a cockroach. But intentions are intentions, nonetheless. This is what we face in grappling with the neo-Soviet threat, and it will only get worse as the Kremlin grows more bold and mendacious and neo-Soviet in its efforts.

Simply put, in our view Tim is a traitor. A vile, contemptible, nasty little toadstool who would sell his own grandmother to a concentration camp if it would help to line his pockets. He couldn't care less what happens to the people of Russia (it's always people who don't who hold themselves out as "friends" to the nation -- with such friends, Russia hardly needs any enemies).

And Tim is not the only mendacious reptile who wants to profit from business interests in Russia that is writing propaganda screeds on Russia Blog, seeking to dupe unwary neophytes into plonking down their hard-earned dollars, yen and marks on the Russian sinkhole. Thus, as we've said before, anyone who reads that blog is, quite simply, a chump being played for a fool.

NOTICE: By drawing a Hitler mustache and hairdo on Mr. Post, we don't mean to imply he has any Nazi connections or affiliations, we have no idea about that and assume he doesn't. We're just saying that, in our opinion, and in the one-picture-is-worth -a-thousand-words department, he's as evil as a Nazi and as harmful to Russia's future, that's all. We remind our readers that (a) Russia Blog doesn't allow this blog to comment on theirs and (b) Russia's blog's mentor, state-owned Russia Today propaganda TV, has refused our request for an interview.

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