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Monday, December 03, 2007

December 3, 2007 -- Contents


(1) Another Original LR Translation: Illarionov on the Elections

(2) The Election Results: Raping Russia

(3) Editorial: Close Down Russia Blog Now!

(4) Trepashkin is Freed

(5) Peter Pan, Here and There

(6) Americans Crush Putin's Russians at Davis Cup

NOTE: Check out Kim Zigfeld's latest installment on Pajamas Media, where she reviews the horrifying results of the Russian election, and feel free to leave your comments as to how the West, and those who favor democracy in Russia, can best respond to this atrocity.

NOTE: We've posted images and a translation of some shocking Nashi propaganda brochures over on Publius Pundit. They'll appear on LR on Wednesday (see note below) but you may want to check them out now.

NOTE: An excellent give-and-take is underway between the Washington Post's Russia correspondents and its readers. Click through to read and join in if so inclined.

NOTE: We will not post tomorrow in order to allow the important content that now leads the blog to remain in place for a time.


Anonymous said...

Well, your blog is still up and running. Surprised closing it down was the first order of post-election business for the "Dumb-a".

Penny said...

Of course Putin won, no surprise there, so did his counter thug Chavez, and it proves what beyond the election shams facilitated by the sheeples passivity, that failed cultures deserve their sorry fate.

The average Russian sheeple will stagger on, victims of their own stupidity with solid meals and their 600 sq ft apartment secured but that's about it. Putin's pig-at-the-trough own them.

Glad they are them. Glad I'm not.

Stalin and his re-elected bilious Stalin the Lessor becomes them.

As I've commented before, zoo animals never make it back to the risk of the freedoms in wild intact. Better to keep feed and stay stupid.

Anonymous said...


glory to the great united russia victory!!!!
long live the wise and benevolent putin!!!!
long live our glorious duma!!

united russia wishes to thank all those who made this victory possible, including:

1. the russian sheeple!
2. whore-journalists who tell lies for money!
3. american chamber of commerce in russia!
4. and others too numberous to mention who love money more than honesty!!
only a dishonest person or a person who values money more than honesty can feel joy over such an election. but alas that's how most people feel.

Penny said...

Well, bless the Venezuelans, I guess Hugo Chavez miscalculated the voter fraud margin that he needed. At least the thug got his comeuppance this time, not that it matters when you are a fascist thug with 5 more years to scheme.

The Russians deserve their fate as the failed culture that they are, they couldn't muster the spine that Venezuelans showed when a slob tried to trash their constitution as Putin has.

Anonymous, whatever incoherent drivel you've posted it is lost on anyone with a brain, meaning anyone that isn't a Hitler, now Putin, Brownshirt.

Anonymous said...

Penny...Which anonymous are you speaking to? The short one or the long-winded one. Blast! Does this mean I will need to come up with a poster name? I'm not that creative.