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Saturday, December 01, 2007

December 1, 2007 -- Contents


(1) Amnesty International Declares Kasparov a Prisoner of Conscience

(2) King's Gambit: Kasparov is Russia's White Knight

(3) Karpov denied access to Kasparov in Prison

NOTE: La Russophobe condemns the arrest of Garry Kasparov by the demonic, malignant forces that dwell within the Kremlin's dark walls, and demands that President Vladimir Putin apologize for his detention during a peaceful political rally opposing Putin's policies. The Kremlin's actions disgrace Russia before the world.

NOTE: Check out Kim Zigfeld's latest installment on Pajamas Media, where she summarizes the appalling litany of actions taken by Vladimir Putin to rig the Duma elections, and feel free to leave your comments as to how the West can best respond to this outrage, seemingly the knell of doom for civilization in Russia.


Paul James Wright said...

Let's take a quick look at Kasparov's supposedly unfair arrest.

Nobody, and I mean nobody, is given a permit to hold a march in the center of Moscow. Moscow traffic is bad enough. A march would effectively shut down the center of the city.

Therefore, Kasparov's group has not ever been granted a permit to march. Rather, they have been given a permit to hold a protest/rally.

But being a bit entitled and self-important, Kasparov's group says that a protest/rally is not good enough for them (exkuzimwah).

So, Kasparov has purposely broken the rules and law by insisting that his rag-tag group "Other Russia" actually march on each of these occasions.

The first time Kasparov was fined and released. This time he was fined and jailed for 5 days.

The Russian authorities have been patient and thoughtful when dealing with Kasparov.

He is lucky that he's not trying to pull such a stunt in Paris with badboy Sarkozy.

As Pat Monihan used to say, "You are entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts."

La Russophobe said...

"The first time Kasparov was fined and released. This time he was fined and jailed for 5 days."

Next time, cell in Siberia next to Khodorkovsky?

Brezhnev said exactly what you say, he was talking about Solzhenitsyn.

Paul James Wright said...

My point exactly!

Solzhenitsyn supports Putin and Brezhnev is dead.

Next time Kasparov's punishment will be that he will be forced to spend the evening having dinner with Edward Lucas in Estonia.

La Russophobe said...


You are clearly demented. Solzhenitsyn was attacked by the Soviet government as a fraud in exactly the same way you now attack Kasparov, that's the point. It wasn't valid then, and it isn't valid now. Nothing but cheap propaganda. It led to the implosion of the USSR, and Russia will go the same way. You purport to defend Russia, but in fact you undermine it far more successfully than any "enemy" could do.

Paul James Wright said...

.... and you my friend are a prisoner of your own delusion.

Obviously, you are in cahoots with Edward Lucas hence your refusal to confirm that he is a bit of a loon.

Since he mentioned your blog today I have to conclude that your Technorati Page Rank is more important than your principles.

Not surprising since you support Kasparov who is marching in Moscow in an effort to sell his self help books.

What's next? Bobby Fischer going on Oprah to share his beauty secrets.

Get a life.

Penny said...

Wow, the typical Putin toady and shill surfaces.

So, Paul, let me guess, you're another lefty moonbat that from the comfort of his cushy protected civil rights and fair elections address in either the EU or America wishes upon others that which he wouldn't tolerate in his own life for a minute.

Or perhaps you would as the perfect Useful Idiot that every fascists needs, a mindless, ill-informed hypocrit.

Whichever, you are pathetic.

stalker said...

Solzhenitsyn supports Putin's policies, has dines with him, received awards from is you who is delusional LR.

Kasparov is the Russian equivalent of Michael Moore but without the humor. What kind of Russian would vote for someone who allows himself to be used as a tool in the West's information war against Russia?

Amir in Tel Aviv said...

I think Kasparov is right and Putin with his authoritarian Guardia is wrong.
But as a Jew myself, I think that Jewish Kasparov is playing a dangerous game. A Jew shouldn't be at the front of Russian resistance. It's very bad to all Jews, and dangerous to the Russian Jews in particular.

Anonymous said...

2amir: According to Galaha Kasparov isn't a Jew because his father is Jewish but his mother is Armenian. Nevertheless, a part-Jewish and part-Armenian native of Baku (Azerbaijan) clearly has little to do with Russia.

Paul James Wright said...


Wrong again. I love in Krasnodar Krai, the home of the 2014 Winter Olympics.

BTW, happy election day. Here's hoping that United Russia wins in a landslide!!

elmer said...

This would be absolutely amusing, if it were not so tragic.

Ah, yes, the old "don't disturb traffic" gambit. That seems to be a very big problem for Roosha, and it's not the first time we have heard it. It's been used in Piter (St. Peterbsburg) and other Rooshan cities.

Very, very bad traffic problems won't allow opposition protests or problems, because them, my (Rooshan Orthodox Oily) God, what would happen with the very, very bad traffic problems?

And there it is again, Rooshan "patience." It sounds like something out of a Nazi movie.

We have heard that before many, many times - "The Rooshan authorities have been very, very PATIENT with you oppositioners. After all, it is for your own good.'

The Nazi, oops, Putin supporters here forgot to add "BENEFICENCE."

Let me count the ways:

Rooshan authorities are patient, kind, loyal, beneficent, truthful, thrifty, cheerful, helpful, and they like animals and orphans, and they help little old ladies across the street.

Except when it comes to political opposition, and "Jewish non-Jews".

I am sure that Berezovksy and Khodorkovsky and Abramovich and others should not be permitted to speak in, or about, Roosha.

Solzhenytsin, malignant little tsarist that he is, would not approve.

elmer said...

Oh, yeah.

As a way to avoid "traffic problems," the opposition sometimes uses the Internet.

Well, except in Roosha, where apparently Internet traffic problems cause the Putinites to either shut down the opposition sites via attack, or to arrest anyone who post anything, even if it's outside of Roosha.

Just ask Taras Zelenyak - he got arrested for posting something in Ukraine.

Roosha seems to have all sorts of "traffic" problems. Very sad.