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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Russia Today Propaganda Continues Apace

A report on state-owned propaganda network Russia Today illustrates the nefarious depths to which that organization is prepared to sink in order to advance the Kremlin's interests.

Writing about yesterday's "day of remembrance" for the Beslan disaster, Russia Today doesn't say one single word about the Kremlin's recent efforts to crack down on the Beslan protesters or their lawsuit in the European Court for Human Rights, where Russia has suffered innumerable defeats, seeking to blame the Kremlin as a guilty party in connection with the mass killing as the Kremlin has repeatedly stonewalled the investigation. Clear evidence shows that the Kremlin's actions instigated the crisis. Instead, the article attempts to argue that the Kremlin was victimized in Beslan just the way Spain and London were in recent terrorist attacks. In other words, a multitude of contemptible lies and naked propaganda.

This is exactly the kind of pseudo-journalism we saw in Soviet times, and let's not forget that it has been watered down for Western consumption. Russian's get a much harder propaganda line, this one is aimed directly at us. The "journalists" at Russia Today should be ashamed of their complicity in the rise of the neo-Soviet state, and Russians should consider them more dangerous to Russia's future than any foreign enemy.

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