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Monday, July 09, 2007

July 8, 2007 -- Contents


(1) The Sunday Photos

(2) Annals of Neo-Soviet "Education"

(3) The Sunday Commentary: Putin's Assault on Journalism

(4) The Sunday Funnies Part I

(5) The Sunday Funnies Part II

NOTE: La Russophobe wants to make a special effort to congratulate and thank the New York Review of Books for the brilliant and timely commentary they've just published and which we republish as item #3 above. This piece should be an example for the rest of the American media, which has been shamefully lacking in support for their beseiged colleagues in Russia. Way to go NYRB! You rock and rule!

NOTE: A few childish, illiterate Russophile morons seem to be surprised that their comments aren't published when they violate our comment policy policy, which they obviously don't care to read. They speak as if they own this blog and have a right to comment on it. In other words, they're quite insane. One would think that they would be intelligent enough to realize that if we are generous enough to give them a voice here, they should tread carefully and not abuse their privilege. But whenever one thinks such things about Russophile trash, one is always disappointed.

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