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Monday, April 02, 2007


Today, this blog celebrates its one-year anniversary. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!! The post above is our birthday present to ourselves and our readers/contributors. We think it's the single best, most devastating post we've published to date, basically a summary of reasons this blog should exist.

This blog was born on April 2, 2006. Since then, we've received over 70,000 visits as well as nearly 150,000 page views. We've seen our traffic grow, as the graphs below show, from zero visits and page views per month to over 14,000 visits and over 25,000 page views per month, and we've become the most visited and linked-to independent Russia politics blog in the English language (maybe, for all we know, in any language).

We've published over 1,500 posts including original essays and translations from dozens of contributors, and we've received nearly 3,000 comments. If you tallied up all the comments we've generated on other blogs as well, you'd see that we've provoked far more debate on Russia than any other commentator in the blogosphere. We've become one of the world's leading voices of opposition to the rise of a neo-Soviet dictatorship in Russia -- and we've only just begun to fight!

We humbly thank our contributors and readers for supporting this blog and congratulate them on their achievement. We promise to redouble our efforts in our second year to make it even bigger and brasher than our first. What we really hope, though, is that the Russian people will put us out of business by establishing a civilized government that will make our criticism unnecessary.

LR's Visits Per Month, 4/1/06-4/01/07

LR's Page Views Per Month, 4/1/06-4/01/07


Anonymous said...

Congratulations guys! You are doing a great job here. 1500 well-prepared propaganda posts in one year it is definitely a nice output. I have never realized before that someone (person or institution) can hate my country and my people so badly. Honestly, I thought that was only the communist propaganda that taught us that someone want to destroy our country. Now I can clearly see that it is nothing but true. This makes me love Russia and Russian people much more. And this gives me one more reason to leave and to teach my children to be proud of being Russians. I see that my country needs my support. I believe that it is not only my reaction on your blog and I believe you know it taking into account your "perfect knowledge" of Russian soul. So all the best wishes for you, please continue in the same manner. I'm going to promote your blog among other Russians.
Слава России!
Pavel Zakharov

La Russophobe said...


That's just what Brezhnev said about Solzhenitsin. And look what happened to the USSR!

-- LR