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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Annals of Russian . . . umm . . . cuisine

It's time to play "Identify that Really Weird Thing in the Photograph"!

Is it:

(a) The Kremlin's birthday gift to Boris Berezovsky

(b) A recovery from the tomb of Cheops

(c) A radioactive isotope

(d) A "pashka" (Russian Easter "treat")

Seriously, are there any circumstances under which you would
consider consuming this object internally?


Snake Oil Baron said...

I might have until I read that it was made of high fat cheese curd and fruit.

I might still try it if a hospital were nearby

LL said...

Well, it is actually not bad... kind of like a cheesecake.

And it is not pashka, of course, but paskha (literally, "Easter"). The idea is to get something sweet and heavy after the Easter fast.