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Friday, February 02, 2007

Update on Litvinenko as Target

A Russian website has now picked up the story about the FSB using Litvinenko for target practice, and offers some photos documenting the involvement of Federation Council President and Putin lackey Sergei Mironov:

So it turns out that Russia is actually capable of doing something more outrageous than killing Litvinenko, and even more outrageous than using his photograph for target practice. It's capable of having one of its most significant officials, the Chairman of the Federation Council (equivalent to being the Majority Leader of the U.S. Senate) openly participate in such doings. It's being reported that the insignia on the red beret is an emblem of the Russian security forces, and its clear they have used the center in the past. Why would Mironov be watching ordinary security guards, as the Kremlin is desperately trying to claim? But even if Mironov was only watching private security guards taking pot shots at Litvinenko, that's more than enough outrage all by itself.

Welcome to the neo-Soviet Union.


Penny said...

How much more evidence do the Russian sheeple need to conclude that the FBS are thugs capable of state sponsored murder? Do they go to bed at night thinking that they, their children, their grandchildren at future points in history will be safe from them?

Russians have computers and cellphones, modern weapons if used intelligently to rally people to the streets could bring down Putin in a heartbeat.

They really have no excuses for their continued slavery.

Sergej Varsjinskij said...

Penny, it's spelled 'FSB' not 'FBS'. If you must have to repeat parrot-like everything posted here and act the 'Zigfeld-Clone', then please pay a little more attention not what you write but also how you write.

Or is that you Kim, using another Alter Ego ? Did it really have to be such a childish parrot ? I know you can do better than that ;-)