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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Dear Readers

Dear Readers,

Just a brief little observation. Indulge a slightly long-winded introduction, won't you?

Did you ever notice the bizarre nature of the criticism La Russophobe receives from the wacko Russophile set? One minute, they accuse this blog of being devoid of editorializing, doing nothing more than copying the view of others from various sources, and hence being unoriginal. The next minute, they accuse us of doing nothing but editorializing, spewing out endless ideological tirades that betray our personal "hatred" of Russia.

The one point of commonality between these two crazily irreconcilable viewpoints is that, at bottom, they both constitute personal attacks on us rather than an attempt to address the substance of our content. In other words, it's an attempt to distract attention from out content itself. This is the best indication there is of how rock-solid and hard-hitting our content really is, and we couldn't be more delighted.

Oh yeah, the point, the point. We digress. Well, you see, we admit that the first viewpoint does have the most truth in it. As we've said from the beginning, the purpose of this blog is to document the rise of the neo-Soviet state by aggregating the news from the most reliable and varied sources we can find proving that it is occurring. In our own humble opinion, this blog is by far the best aggregator of news on Russia on this planet, and nobody who doesn't read it daily can claim to have any real understanding of what is going on in Russia today. What our critics can't seem to grasp is that nobody else in the whole wide world is doing what we're doing, and that makes us quite original indeed and accounts for why LR is so popular. The popularity is infuriating to them, but even more so they just can't stand the organized presence of all these facts, making it so much harder for them to continue their propagandizing.

Still not the point. Sorry. Just can't resist poking those wacky Russophiles. The point is this: Because we're engaged in doing this, we're in a position to warn you that things are getting pretty darn ugly pretty darn fast in Russia, much faster than even we ever dared dream possible. We can illustrate this for you by simply telling you that in the early going, we had virtually no backup in our publishing log. That simply means that each day, we published everything we had available.

We can't even come close to doing that anymore. At present, we're running a backlog that can reach a dozen posts or more, and we're cutting some material that we simply don't have space for. We feel like those doctors in M*A*S*H trying to decide which horribly wounded person to operate on first. If we kept on publishing everything we have every day, we'd innundate the blog and important material would get lost in the shuffle.

We have so much stuff because things are getting just that nasty in Russia. It's literally a physical challenge to organize and prioritize all the bad news. Another indication of how bad things are getting over there is the increasingly virulent rhetoric being lobbed at this blog by the Russophile wackos as they scurry to rationalize and defend the rise of a neo-Soviet state that is not only indefensible but unimaginable and unacceptable, and yet so horrifyingly real.

In short, as Bette Davis said in All About Eve: "Fasten your seatbelts. It's going to be a bumpy night."

Yours truly,

La Russophobe


Irishman said...

Oh Please, the doctors in MASH....they were at least funny. They used proper critique and satire. You have neither their humour nor likeability. You arent a doctor. Doctors are technically skilled people who do an important job. You most likely have an Arts degree in journalism or some other useless occupation which means to technical people like me you are a waste of classroom space at university, an expert on nothing in particular and a MORON. You seem to love yourselves and believe yourselves to be important. To Americans who want Russia extinct you are. But for the rest of actually living here, you're just cheap entertainment. A large, 100 rouble baked potato from Kroshka Kartochka is a great Russian bargain but laughing at you for free is even better.
People like me who criticise you have no great love for any government, Russian or otherwise. We are not defending anyone or as you love to say encouraging fascism. We are simply having a go at the offensive, hysterical and often libellous ranting that your site goes on with. Your site is a joke among Russia watchers, not the necessity for understanding of Russia you claim it to be. People like me, who have no agenda, no axe to grind and are in thrall to nobody but God Himself, will continue to hound and harrass you until you withdraw your scurillous remarks(e.g. Sharapova is a slut)your duplicity and one eyed view(Russia humiliated by rocket crash whilst you ignore FATAL RECENT US SHUTTLE DISASTERS)and absolute hysterics(''Neo Soviet crackdown on foreigner movement''- unless I'm mistaken any sovereign nation has the right to know who is their country. Would you blame the Russians after the British rock incident?)
As we say in Ireland, would you cop yourself on, you feckin' idiot!

ps I'm certain even that radio nut Albats would distance herself from this site. Thats an achievement, it really is.

La Russophobe said...

IRISHMAN: I'm sorry to hear that you find one Russian man killing his wife every forty minutes and one Russian person committing suicide every ten minutes to be something that calls for laughter and joking. Maybe when the KGB knocks on your door, you'll stop laughing. Meanwhile, cowardly little boys like you are destroying Russia utterly.

And I might add, it's really REALLY weird that you denigrate this blog and yet feel the need to write at such great length on it. Kind of makes you seem stupid or insane. Or, I guess, just a plain old garden variety liar.

Timothy Post said...

What's up with the use of the 1st person plural?

Is that the "royal we" or are you a team?

Irishman said...

Did I call for laughing and joking on Russia's social problems above....let me read it, I didnt. I'm laughing at you. YOU. Not at Russia, where I live and who pays my wages. The KGB are gone, they've been replaced by the FSB, thought you'd have noticed that. Clearly not. Again, I re-iterate for the cheap seats at the back:
(1) Why and how dare do you call Maria Sharapova, person same as anyone else deserving a modicum of basic human respect, a slut?
(2) Explain your hysterical duplicity in criticizing an unmanned Russian rocket disaster whilst ignoring FATAL US SHUTTLE DISASTERS IN THE RECENT PAST
The above is just the tip of your bullshit iceberg. Answer the questions and account for yourself!!!!! Stop answering with shite that everyone can see through! And when you've dealt with those, which you arent able to, I'll be throwing more your way.

ps this is piss easy, taking you down.

penny said...

Hey, irishman, this statement of yours coupled with your general uncouthness..."You most likely have an Arts degree in journalism or some other useless occupation which means to technical people like me you are a waste of classroom space at university, an expert on nothing in particular and a MORON."... pretty much disqualifies you as an uneducated twit. Educated people aren't as crude and arrogant.

LR provides a very important role in aggregating from MSM sources the re-Stalinization of Russia under Putin which no sane person hasn't noticed. You and your moronic appeasment pals at the eXile aren't doing it. You don't like LR's style, too bad. You don't like the content, too bad.

You really ought to spare the Irish and change your moniker unless you want others to infer they are as arrogant and crude as you.

I was educated there, so I'm taking you as a personal affront.

Irishman said...

Well first of all I'm glad you were educated in Ireland - you arent Irish I assume. It means you spared our taxpayers about 20,000 in fees -thats always welcome in a land of 42% tax. But it doesnt make you Irish nor to tell me what I should and shouldnt do, just because you were educated there and were on the piss for four years with my fellow countrymen and women. You had a good time, you love Ireland -and thats it. This row has nothing to do with nationality at all.
The statement about Arts students and graduates I do take back though in fairness. Scientists and engineers are always giving them a hard time and we shouldnt, fair enough. But journalists I will not spare. Most of them, along with estate agents, are among the earth's lowest creatures and almost invariably have an axe to grind or an agenda backed by somebody. I'm speaking as an individual not backed by or representing anyone but me. If you objectively read much of the stuff printed here, you will see rudeness, vulgarity, offensiveness, duplicity and hysterics. And I will not let go of this bone. LR is as bad as any government for distorting facts and spin. This blog should account for calling Masha Sharapova a slut- without a shred of evidence. Such language is rude and frankly libellous. Wrong is wrong. Look at the posting about orange snow which turned out to be non toxic. The hysterical lines ''if the snow were toxic, would the Kremlin admit it'' - I mean please, spare us this shite. You call me uncouth -do you think calling someone a slut is cultured then? Ireland clearly didnt educate you enough it seems. Call an Irishwoman a slut and she'd smack you in the face. I bet you didnt call anyone that in Ireland and I've never used the word in my life. As for my own rough words to LR-she's only getting back what she dishes out. Its precisely because of nuts like her and Albats that Russians do not vote for liberals. Such gobshites destroy, not enhance the standing of liberal candidates in Russia.


Sergej Varsjinskij said...

Penny wrote: I was educated there, so I'm taking you as a personal affront.

Claque (French for "clapping") is, in its origin, a term which refers to an organized body of professional applauders in French theatres. Members of a claque are called claqueurs.

Hiring people to applaud dramatic performances was common in classical times. Claques were also used as a form of extortion, as singers were commonly contacted by the chef de claque before their debut and forced to pay a fee, in order not to get booed.

Penny, are you the chef de claque here ? How much did LR have to pay you to have you applaud her "swan song";-)

Sergej Varsjinskij said...

Timothy wrote: What's up with the use of the 1st person plural? Is that the "royal we" or are you a team?

The answer is Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD).

LR is regularly shocked by the garbage she produces and needs another personality to blame. By using the we she's suggesting that there are several LR's around and the one you are presently commenting on is of course not the one that has just made a fool out of herself.

Irishman said...

Spasibo Sergei, well said. Like so many Americans, Penny is confused. She believes bullshit(weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, the Shah of Iran was a good man, etc). But have you noticed that LR has simply not addressed the issues of libel, duplicity and hysterics I have consistenly raised? Its cos she has no answer. Cornered. Beaten.
Like the US national soccer team in Germany last year, she was outwitted, outplayed and resorted to dirty tackles to try and save a modicum of face. And failed miserably.


Sergej Varsjinskij said...


But have you noticed that LR has simply not addressed the issues of libel, duplicity and hysterics I have consistenly raised? Its cos she has no answer. Cornered. Beaten.

I think she simply has to sort out which of her multiple appearances was addressed and now has to figure out which one has to reply.

My favourite American movie of the past couple of years is 'Lord of War' with Nicolas Cage.

My favourite quote from that movie is : "Having a double identity isn't really a problem. But having four or five really is a pain in the ass."

There are a dozen of LR's around. Some are simply LR's, others have different names ;-) Most of the claqueurs here actually are LR's. Not very confusing though, once you've understood how this blog works :-).

Wait and see ... Sooner or later Mr. Bronsen will show up again ;-)

Irishman said...

Yes it does seem that way Sergei. Not only that, all the 'personalities' do is spurt out bullshit. You'd imagine there being more than one there'd be some sense, but there isnt. American propaganda sums up most of the site. Whowever they are, they arent aswering and I imagine are hoping we'll just go away. Its not like many of the other posts are busy or anything.


Sergej Varsjinskij said...

Ger, I actually do not blame American propaganda. Propaganda is used by all nations at all times. I know quite a lot Americans who do not buy the NeoCon propaganda. Unfortunately the intelligent part of the Americans remain silent because they feel ashamed for what their country has become under Dubya's presidency and wait for the next elections to change this. Only few speak up to oppose that nonsense.

The 'loud ones' we hear (read) here are the less intelligent (not to say stupid) part of the population and this is not necessarily a problem caused by propaganda.

This blog isn't motivated by propaganda, it's motivated by personal hate. For me there is no shaddow of a doubt that LR's is a poor woman who once was deeply in love with a Russian man who left her or turned her down for a good looking Russian woman.

This is why all Russian men are mean and all good looking Russian women are either sluts or cheap prostitutes.

Of course LR will not admit that this is the one and only reason, gives her pain the 'political spin' and by bringing up all these clones tries to 'pump up the volume'.

The revenge of a Jewish-American-Princess can be really horrible.
Daddy told her all her life how beautiful and lovely she is despite her weight problem, pimples and dental corrections.

Then this Russian boy shows up and she falls deeply in love. But this guy, the highschool quarterback, rather dates the local Russian tennis '10 ++' and doesn't fall for 'Gefillte Fish' or 'Kosher Sausages'. Is he really to blame for rather dating Masha than Kimberley Elisabeth ?

Daddy's little princess in the pink dress doesn't attract guys so she either has to migrate to Israel and join the IDF or to migrate to Google and become a hate-blogger. Becoming a hate-blogger is less dangerous and more anonymous. And the IDF don't need a 'weapon of mass deterrence' which does more harm to the moral of the own troops than to the enemy. After all, Israel's battledress uniforms aren't pink and the combat boots don't have high heels.

And a large percentage of present day Israeli are of Russian origin ;-)

The only possible answer is Google, isn't it ? ;-)

Irishman said...

Dear Sergei,

do you know something about this woman that I dont?) It sounds like you do). Whoever it is was definitely turned over by someone or something Russian in the past. Come to think of it, it isnt propoganda, its much cheaper than that. Maybe a boyfriend did dump her. Get over it, everyone's got the red card at some point. I actually do suspect some Jewishness. For example, on one post she suggests swapping Khodorkovsky for Putin. This totally ignores the fact that the vast majority of Russians simply would not tolerate having a Jewish president. I'm not saying its right, but that is how it is.
But what baffles me Sergei is the continuous sensationalism, lies and inaccuracy and poisononous bile directed at harmless individuals. Sharapova is just a sportwoman. Why call her a slut? It does sound like sexual jealousy of some sort. In fact generally throughout the site she has a real problem with Russian women. Constant referrals to prostitution whenever anyone says Russian women are beautiful. Russian women ARE beautiful! They're like Ferraris and cigarettes, they need no advertising. You;re right -it is a hate blog wallpapered with bits lifted from elsewhere to add some credibilty. And I genuinely believe this blogger has never actually set foot on Russian soil.
Its also true that she is logged on as multiple people - the phraseologies, nuances and retorts all follow a similar pattern for a number of people posting. But worst of all is the fact that this woman says that she is supporting liberals in Russia -she isnt. No Russian, liberal or otherwise, would want to be associated with this excrement. If ordinary Russians knew someone was associated with this site they'd disown them. But have you noticed her outright failure to address my perfectly reasonable and valid questions? Maybe she is the cuckolded scorned woman you say!


Irishman said...

And another thing! Have you noticed Sergei that a lot of the posts actually contain material heavily spinned and doctored or indeed NO INFORMATION at all about the title?) Take for example ''Cruelty to Disabled''. Most of the piece is actually about TOILETS. And the very small part about the disabled was the admittedly unfortunate set of incidences surrounding an englishman's trip to Moscow. And it was Lufthansa-a GERMAN airline -who was at fault for most of it!! Thats not a Russian national thing -thats bloody bad management by some clown at the airport. Looking at the title you'd expect a litany of stories surrounding mistreatment in Russia to disabled people -it contained NO SUCH EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER. Actually a beautiful blonde I knew from Orekhovo Zuyevo(no LR, she wasnt a prostitute, she was a receptionist, but I suppose that makes her a slut too, being Russian and all?) was telling me about her brother who had only very limited use of his legs and couldnt walk at all. They, poor as you like, spent all their money getting the car fitted out so he could drive it. And she told me often in families with disabled people ONLY THE DISABLED PERSON IS ABLE TO DRIVE! It gives them huge freedom and families bankrupt themselves to make it happen. Doesnt sound very cruel to me! Also jokes about disabled people are totally off limits in Russia. There's no doubt that Moscow isnt wheelchair friendly but Russians are NOT cruel to disabled people. There's a big difference between lack of money/equipment and cruelty. But once again, LR strikes with more spin and bullshit. Actually every day from now on I'm going to tear to pieces one of these spin-filled posts.


Sergej Varsjinskij said...

Ger, the 'producer' of this blog has absolutely no intention to address the problems of present day Russia in a journalistic or scientific manner. There is absolutely no intention to support the liberal movement in Russia.

Would there be any real interest in Russia the 'producer' would invest all the time and effort wasted on russophobia in real journalistic work and / or joinining one of the many serious groups, foreign or domestic, to bring a change to what is considered needing a change.

Can you imagine LR knocking on the door of a group like Reporters Without Borders or 'Мемориал' offering her time and 'contribution to the cause' ?

First of all, these groups carefully select their volunteers because they neither want nor need to have someone in their ranks who discredits the group or turns out to be a provocateur who uses the group for very personal purposes e.g. being the megaphone for personal hatred.

And I am also convinced that more than a minimum of journalistic experience and professionalism is required before these groups let anyone do 'real work' and not only let them feed the paperbox of a printer or the coffee maker.

Then just think of all those good looking, intelligent and educated Russian girls voluntarily working for e.g. 'Мемориал'. Go and visit their center in Moscow, you will be surprised. They do an important job, no doubt about that, but after all they are still proud to be Russians.

Now can you imagine LR working in an environment where she's surrounded by good looking girls who are proud to be Russian ? As 'per se' all good looking Russian girls (in LR's view) are 'sluts' or 'cheap prostitutes'. And, on top of that, all of theses 'sluts' are even 'russophiles' ?

What I wrote about the NGO's also goes for serious newspapers.

Having LR's agenda who should wonder when the doors of NGO's and serious newspapers are locked and the answer is 'don't call / mail us, we call / mail you' :-)

So the only place where LR is able to 'work' or 'contribute to the cause' is a Google blog which is easy to get, fool-prove to maintain and above all free of charge. All you need is time, and time is what LR has more than anything else. Otherwise she couldn't update this blog several times a day and couldn't post all this paranoia. And this paranoia is probably the reason why she has no day job. Borderline-cases usually have no well paid day jobs like you and me.

Yes, I notice her outright failure to address reasonable and valid questions. She isn't used to raise reasonable and valid points, she has never learned it. And, last but not least, she is terribly busy posting all those comments being 'Penny', 'Cyrill' or one of the many other alter egos.

And then there is still all that time wasted waiting for the antidepressiva to come into effect and to have LR's hands stop shaking from another fit of rage against herself so she will be able to continue to project her hatred for herself on others. Preferably on good looking Russian girls.

Should we raise some money to buy her a cheap male prostitute (preferably Russian) to give her a good lay ? Some boning every other day is better than a Valium, at least for ugly Jewish American Princesses suffering from russophobia ;-)

Irishman said...

Its absolutely true Sergei. There's no way any decent organisation like Memorial, who do such a difficult job or any other rights organisation would have anything to do with LR. The more I read through, the more I see its just a total hate rant. Anything serious, decent or of any value whatsoever is simply copied and pasted from somewhere else accompanied by her pointless comments, which the articles actually dont need.
Another example of her rubbish -look at 'Mobile phobe glut'. She tried to correlate the slowdown in the Russian mobile phone sales market with Russia's weak economy. Which would be all very well, if it werent for the fact that telecom companies worldwide are losing value -people have simply gotten over the mobile phone fad. And now everyone has one. An englishman very successfully took on her points and as usual she had no substantive answers. She simply kept referring back to Russian wages and economy, totally ignoring the point- that everywhere mobile phones arent selling as well anymore. She fails totally to understand that Russia is not a mature economy. Russia is only doing business in a quasi-western way since the late 80's. That means it has hardly 20 years of modern free economy experience. What does she expect, that overnight the country will become wealthy like Norway? Its just a ridiclulous point. And it totally ignores the abject poverty of certain parts of her own USA. The poorest city I ever visited was New Orleans, Louisiana, not Moscow. I never saw more beggars, destitution and urban decay than I did there and it only a city of one million. God only knows how the misfortunate people there have coped after Katrina. It was in bits before it.
But all this is lost on LR. How could she see anthing when she is blinded by hatred. No answer to any of our points, have you LR?


La Russophobe said...


Dude, don't drink and post. Do you REALLY think that the tone and substance of your comments (no links, no value added to the blog, childishing ranting and crude thug-like language) would cause us to want to enter into a dialogue with you?

What does it tell you that we allow you to post here and don't feel the need to respond?

Think about it, you ape.

Sergej Varsjinskij said...

Childish ranting from Ger's side ?
No value added by Ger ?
Crude tone or behaviour from Ger's side ?
No substance in Ger's posts ?

You must be joking ! Ger is one of the few reasonable contributors to this blog. Without him and a few others your 'comment section' would only be crowded by yourself, appearing in multiple aliases, only. Get a life.

Irishman said...

thanks for the kind words. At least someone realises whats going on here. I actually suspect that other readers do as well but arent posting replies. Having went through the site, I can see very few actually real people who are agreeing. I notice most pointedly very few Russians contributing. Are you in Russia or the US Sergei? I suspect the US. Whats the story with Russian emigres reading this stuff? Are they happy with it or angry?

LR- your answers are all the same. Admittedly my first attacks on the blog were rough but since then I have removed all unnecessary crudity. But you know full well every question both I and Sergei have put to you is valid. You just are unable to answer.
READERS! TO SEE LR's duplicity, offensiveness, hysterics and other nonsense, check the following posts:
''Cruelty to Disabled''- contains no actually evidence of cruelty, does however talk a lot about TOILETS and incompetence by staff of Lufthansa the German airline at Sheremetyevo-2.
''Rocket disaster'' -criticises unmanned Russian rocket crash whilst ignoring fatal US shuttle disasters
''Annals of Sharapova'' -groundlessly and libellously labels international tennis star Masha Sharapova a slut.
''Russia and 9/11'' -actually implicates Russia in the 9/11 events, ignoring the fact that Putin himself warned Bush days before that something very big was about to happen -the Russians just didnt know what it was.(source ''Kremlin Rising'' by Peter Baker, Washington Post ex-Moscow correspondent)
''Mobile phone glut'' -blames Russian economy for waning of mobile market in Russia, ignoring that mobile companies world wide are shedding jobs and cutting back due to poor sales.


More to follow. There's only so much bullshit a man can read in a day.