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Friday, February 02, 2007

Another "Joke"?

Apparently, at a recent news conference "President" Putin was asked whether he agreed with Moscow "Mayor" Yuri Luzhkov that homosexuality is satanic. Sketchy reports indicate that he jokingly responded that homosexuality was connected to the nation's demography problem, specifically it's low birthrate. Is this another instance of Putin gone berzerk, as when he joked about the rape charges lodged against an Israeli government official by admiring the man's potency? If any readers have further information, please let LR know.


George said...

Oh yes, Putin is berserk for mocking the manliness of the dweeby Israeli President Moshe Katsav for sexually assaulting females underlings. But Moshe, Moshe is a real mensch!

Anonymous said...

No! I want real Putin jokes. Something like the stuff on (tm) but with punch lines.

Since he's taking the country Back to the Bright Soviet Future, the least we can have is some anekdoti.

Anonymous said...

This is Hector,

To the anonymous ignoramus: Putin belongs to that same capitalist clique that destroyed the Soviet Union. Try reading about how the Soviet system operated economically, and try to compare it with Putin's mafia ran capitalist regime. People like you put the Soviet label on capitalist Russia only as a derogatory term based on anti-Russian bigotry. You know nothing of it. If you supported the fall of the Soviet Union, then you have no right to complain about Putin. He represents "freedom and democracy" in Russia, according to the USA.