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Monday, February 05, 2007

Annals of Shamapova

Well, two top-ten Russian ladies made it to the semi-finals of the ATP tour event in Tokyo Japan last week. Guess how many of them made it to the finals?

Yup, zero.

World #8 Elena Dementieva, the serveless wonder, was destroyed in easy straight sets by Martina Hingus, who retired from tennis and is now making a comeback, slicing through the "top ten" Russians like a hot Swiss Army knife through butter.

And world #1 Maria Sharapova (who is only #3 on the 2007 rankings, and #1 over the past 365 days because the real #1, Justine Henin-Hardenne, didn't play the Austrialian Open)? She was blown off the court in the first set by Ana Ivanovic of Serbia, a player not even ranked in the world's top 15. Sharapova managed to take only 1 game from Ivanovic in the first set and then quit after the first game of the second, crying about an alleged injury. Sharapova barely managed to squeak by hometown girl Ai Sugiyama in the quarters, losing the first set to a Japanese player not ranked in the world's top 25 (in the match previous, Sugiyama had defeated Russian Maria Kirilenko).

So much for the best-laid plans of Shamapova. Only two other top-ten players -- Hingus and the woeful Dementieva -- entered the Tokyo draw, so Sharapova undoubtedly thought she would have easy pickings in the land of the rising sun. Such a pity the scheme didn't work out. Well, better luck next time, Maria.

In a truly breathtaking display of hypocrisy, Maria tried to blame her "injury" on having to play two tournaments, Tokyo and Australia, back-to-back. But the only reason she was playing Tokyo was to collect a bunch of essentially free ratings points against also-ran competition. Nobody forced her to play Tokyo. That's to say nothing of the pathetic spectacle of a so-called professional "athlete" whining and crying about it being "too hard" to put forth all that work (just as Maria tried to blame her abysmal first-round performance at the Aussie Open on the weather).


Endorphin said...


Take a cold shower. You are not worth her fingernail.


Rusamerican said...

Are you retarded? You pretend to be concerned about the state of freedom and human rights in Russia and then you waste so much of your time writing about Russian tennis players. Do you think that if they win or lose shows something deeper about Russia or are you just jelous that they are still way hotter and richer than you even when they lose a match?

La Russophobe said...

Maria is the wealthiest female athelete in the world and by far the most famous Russia. Having published only 26 times about her out of 1,250 posts in print (2% about Maria), we actually think we've neglected her substantially, especially since her sham career is a perfect metaphor for Russian failure. But unfortuantely space is limited.

Roger said...

I'm not going to get into the politics, but i think it's pretty outrageous to call her career a sham. If her career followed that of another former russian player, with the initials AK, you'd have a more substatial argument. but she's won plenty of titles. I have her winning my Racquet Bracket, a contest on the tennis channel website. maybe the $1000 in Prince tennis gear will calm you down.