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Monday, September 10, 2007

Russian Neo-Nazis Abroad: Are They the Kremlin's Agents?

The Washington Post reports:

Immigrants from the former Soviet Union formed a neo-Nazi cell in Israel that assaulted religious Jews and foreign workers and daubed swastikas in synagogues, police said on Sunday. A photograph of six young men raising their arms in a Nazi salute was featured on the front page of the Jewish state's most popular newspaper, Yedioth Ahronoth. "Unbelievable," a headline read. Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said eight suspects were arrested in all. At a court hearing, they denied involvement in any neo-Nazi activity. None of the suspects was born to a Jewish mother, the Orthodox definition of a Jew, Rosenfeld said, but qualified for citizenship in Israel under civil law because each had at least one Jewish grandparent.

"The cell members adopted Hitler's ideology and created their own unique language which includes music, video clips, insignia, graffiti, and tattoos all depicting Nazi ideology," a police statement said. "Members of the group would document attacks in which they beat innocent and helpless people who belonged to different minorities," the statement said. Foreign workers, homosexuals, Orthodox Jews and drug addicts were the main victims in attacks in the Tel Aviv area over the past year.

Cell members also painted swastikas in several synagogues, along with "Death to the Jews" -- with misspellings in Hebrew -- on a building near one of the houses of worship, the statement said. The group, police said, had "strong ties and connections to other neo-Nazi cells active in Germany and elsewhere overseas." Rosenfeld said the suspects would be charged with "causing bodily harm to individuals and sabotage to synagogues." Amos Hermon, an official in the Jewish Agency, a quasi-governmental group in Israel that helps organize immigration, said neo-Nazism in the Jewish state was a "minor phenomenon." He said it was likely the alleged cell members were suffering from "immigration shock" and vented their frustrations by expressing "some of the most hurtful sentiments towards the Jewish people" and emulating behavior they may have witnessed in the former Soviet Union.


Anonymous said...

I think it is funny how the media and government is acting like this is some utterly unique singular event. Remember a few years ago when the "White Israeli Union" neo-Nazi group had its website taken down? With all the video of the neo-Nazis - giving the Hitler salute in their full IDF uniforms - talking about how to kill the Arabs for practice and how not to act like a "zhid" (Jew, in Russian)? Or then there were the skinhead gangs stormtrooping through Tel Aviv a few years ago too. Anyone who follows the "The Israeli Information and Assistance Center for the Victims of Anti-Semitism" ( ) which monitors neo-Nazis in Israel regularly knows this most recent event isn't particularly unique. The problem is that the government and police "turn a blind eye" to Israeli neo-Nazis which gives them freedom to expand. Rest assured this cell isn't all of them.

Here we have another aspect of Israel's demographic crisis. In the rush to import olim whose only real criteria is they are not Arab or Muslim it can't come as any surprise that that managed to import traditional Russian anti-Semites too. Most of these kids are Russians who were brought to Israel by their parents against their will, they don't want to be Israeli and never did. HOWEVER, in the end, if Israel had not imported the million plus Russians - many, or even most, of them non-Jewish - then the non-Arab population between the river and the sea would already be a definite minority to the Arab population. There just aren't enough legitimate Jews to maintain the current "Greater Israel," thus the floods of non-Jewish olim, the mass conversions of Ethiopians, Indians, and Peruvian Indians, and so on. These measures - the desperation for any non-Arab/Muslim immigrants - undermines the "Jewish character" of Israel just as surely as any compromise with the native Palestinians would.

John S. -

Anonymous said...

Sorry Russophobe, I'm missing something here - it says the neo-nazis were from the "former Soviet Union". Where does it say they were Russian? They could have been Ukrainians, Belarussians, or, given the Zionist regime's fondness for ethnic cleansing and racial discrimination, from fascist Estonia.

La Russophobe said...


If you lack the energy to even think of a name for yourself, it's hard to imagine why we should find the energy to respond. If you have any actual evidence that they weren't Russian, do let us know. If you don't, your point is meaningless. You are making the same kind of assumption you question. Meanwhile, the behavior of these apes is the same as that which as been repeatedly documented on this blog as originating in Russia, not Ukraine or Belarus or Estonia. There is no basis for believing that no Russians were involved in these acts, and by the way plenty of "Russians" (as Russians use the term, racially) are in Ukraine, Belarus and Estonia.

Alexander said...

fascist Estonia.

LOL you don't even know what fascism is, here is the definition:

a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.

Sounds a lot more similar to modern Russia (or the USSR for that matter) than modern Estonia.
So you are fascist, Russian.