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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Putin's Russia: It Can't Even do Potatoes and Onions Right

The Agrarian Marketing Project reports:

The specialists of CIS produce business periodical, "Agrooglyad: Fruits and Vegetables" weekly inform, the quality of newly harvested potato remains relatively low this year. Because of this fact the producers are forced to decrease prices for poor quality products. As a result, the average wholesale price for onion has already declined down to $0.31-0.39/kg. At the same time, the prices for quality onion remain quite high. One can buy imported high-quality onion not cheaper than $0.46-0.54/kg. The lowest prices for the onion of national origin are recorded in Voronezhskaya and Moscowskaya regions ($0.21-0.31/kg), the highest prices are observed in Kirovskaya and Sverdlovskaya regions.

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