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Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Sunday Funnies

Source: Ellustrator.

Translation: As we understand this (Russian speakers please educate us further), fisherman Putin is using a submarine as a lure to go “fishing”, but has crossed out "for fish" on his bucket and replaced it with "for hydrocarbons." He has a bottle of Schnapps (to keep him warm). A discarded can lies nearby. Written on it is the word “тушеный” which in this context means "stewed" (over a picture of a cow –stewed beef). However, the verb from which this adjective is formed, тушить, also means to "turn off", as in gas, or to "quell/suppress/put down/stiffle." We take it that the can lying on its side suggests Putin has already tried all that. Very subtle, very cool. A couple of Ellustrator's readers who commented on the cartoon made note of the schnapps bottle, one remarking: "He's going to overtake them with Schnapps!"

Source: Ellustrator.

Translation: "So, I repeat my question: Why would the Russians drop their deep-diving submarine on a peaceful Georgian village?" A commenter answers that, as Russians believe the Arctic is a natural part of Russia based on geographic connection, they likely believe the same about Georgia.

Source: Prague Post

Extradition to Russia: One Picture is Worth a Thousand Screams


Welgar said...

"Тушенка" means canned stewed meat, it was the most common food of Soviet-era tourists, fisherman etc. I think "turning off" and "oppressing" meanings are not what the author meant there.

La Russophobe said...

Thanks for the comment! We had a bit of trouble posting the Cyrillic but have now done so.

Do you have an specific linguistic reason for your suspicion?