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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Annals of Russian Imperialism: The Battle for the Arctic

"I'm not sure of whether they've put a metal flag, a rubber flag or a bed sheet on the ocean floor. Either way, it doesn't have any legal standing or effect on this claim."

-- U.S. State Department

"Look, this isn't the 15th century. You can't go around the world and plant flags and say, 'We're claiming this territory."

-- Canadian Foreign Ministry
Russia's government-issued daily newspaper Rossiiskaya Gazeta stated on Friday that Russia's mission to the sea floor below the polar ice cap "is the start of a new redistribution of the world." Western governments responded by heaping appropriate scorn on Russia's outrageous and untenable act of imperialism.

It seems that Russia, just like the USSR before it, is quite content to alienate the entire world and try to go it alone. Russia stands without a single nation of consequence as an ally, and after directly provoking Great Britain and the EU with its outrageous conduct in the Litvinenko matter is now going after Canada and the United States.

And so, Russia will go the way of the USSR.


nikolay i. said...

So had Russia done this mission to the arctic a few months later, Canada, the US, Denmark would have done it first.

Who would be the imperialist then?

But, wait, in your world Russia is always imperialist. Damn it.

La Russophobe said...

You an unmitigated liar.

There is NO evidence of either the U.S. or Canada EVER seeking to claim the whole Arctic seabed for themselves. ONLY Russia has tried to do this.

Go ahead an alienate the whole planet to grab territory that, just like Siberia, you can't hold. Go bankrupt in the attempt and disappear, just like the USSR.

Congratulations, you're a russophile, and a footnote in history to be laughed at.

nikolay i. said...

Number 1 - Russia is not seeking the whole Arctic seabed for itself.

Number 2 - Canada and Denmark and the US are doing what Russia is doing; except they are a little late to do so:

Denmark and Canada have argued that the Lomonosov Ridge is connected to their territories and despatched a joint expedition last year to bolster their claims. Norway is also conducting a survey.

Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper ordered a new fleet of patrol vessels last month, saying they were needed to defend "our sovereignty over the Arctic". US politician have demanded action to defend its Arctic interests. Senator Richard Lugar warned in May that there would be no American presence at the negotiating table to challenge Moscow's claims unless the US ratified the Law of the Sea treaty.

The Times

That smells like bad research work.

La Russophobe said...

1. Yes it is.

2. Let's see now. So if I punch you in the face, and then the next time I swing at you you put up your hands to block the punch, that means you're just as aggressive as me? Is that how the law works in Russia? Gosh, you live in a strange place.

The Canadian and Danish actions are RESPONSES to what Russia is doing. Did you read YOUR OWN QUOTATION? Canada is seeking to PROTECT itself from Russian imperialism. There is NOTHING in your text to indicate that Denmark has EVER said it wants to claim ANY part of the Arctic shelf for itself to the exclusion of other countries as Russia is doing. If it did, and if this blog were about DENMARK, and if Denmark routinely demanded as Russia does that nations cooperate and not act unilaterally, then we'd criticize Denmark.

Did you even read YOUR OWN ARTICLE? It states: "The expedition plans to demonstrate that the Lomonosov Ridge, an underwater shelf that runs through the Arctic, is really an extension of Russian territory."

RUNS THROUGH THE ARCTIC. What does that mean to you? It means the whole thing.

The USSR was always right and everybody else was always wrong, too. You are a neo-Soviet man. The same thing will happen to you that happened to all the others.


BetterDeadThanRed said...

it makes no difference, there is one law for "owning" territory, and that is the ability to hold it. Russians a dying people will find themselves less and less able in that regard - they will provoke war as other nations will not recognise their bullshit, and they will go to the garbage can of history where they belong. Dying nations try one last grab before they perish (from within), history shows this time and time again...

Anonymous said...

Well, it's so funny! I guess the issue is just not worth this noise. Americans left their flag on the moon in 1967 (or whenever). So what? Is the moon american now? I believe the case here is the same.

La Russophobe said...


Please don't call yourself "anonymous" it's against our rules. Can't you show enough initiative and intelligence to make a name for yourself? Or are you too lazy for that?

Now to address your stupid statements:

Why do Russians always try to justify their bad behavior by pointing to the bad behavior of someone else. Is it OK for me to steal your wallet because other people steal wallets? THAT is a funny idea!

Can't you defend Russian behavior on its own merits, without talking about what others do? Don't you realize how RIDICULOUS you look? Whenever someone talks about freedom and democracy, Russophiles say "Russia is a different country. It can't be compared." But whenever bad behavior comes up, right away they make comparisons ot other countries. Now THAT is funny! And also sad.

Americans NEVER said they were going to take all the oil and gas (or anything else) from the moon and not let anyone else have any. They never said the moon was "part of America." Russians are saying that about the Arctic. You are just repeating the propaganda of the neo-Soviet state. It's quite pathetic and ignorant.

All during Soviet times, Soviet government said "if you criticize us, you are stupid and funny. We are right, you are wrong. You don't understand. Shut up."

Where is Soviet government now?

Why do Russians think they get to decide what other people can be worried about? When foreigners tell Russians not to worry so much about Chechnya, Russians say "don't lecture us." Yet, you can lecture foreigners about the Arctic, can't you? Such hypocrisy! Russians are like funny monkeys sometimes, scratching themselves and totally unaware that people are pointing and laughing.

You repeat the mistakes of the past. You will follow in the same path of failure and destruction.