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Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Sunday Blasphemy

Dear People of Russia:

How would you have reacted if President Bush had invited Shamil Basayev to the United States to visit the White House, and on the way he stopped in New York City and sat at a table watching American folk dancing whilst holding hands and laughing with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomburg? Well, that's how Americans are reacting to the picture shown above, taken a few days ago, of one of America's moste hated enemies, the dictator Hugo Chavez, in Moscow with Mayor Yuri Luzhkov. Are you quite sure that's the reaction you want from the world's most powerful country?

Very truly yours,

La Russophobe


Anonymous said...

This is Hector,

I was waiting for this one. The U.S opinion of Chavez's visit to Russia is irrelevent as far as the Russians are concerned. I'm sure Russia would react the same way if Basayev was welcomed, but that's a whole other ball of wax. But such a meeting would never have happened as the Americans and Russians are on the same side in the "war on terror". Basayev was on the other.

La Russophobe said...

Thanks for confirming that Russians couldn't care less about American national security or American views on what happens in America's sphere of influence. Yet, Russians expect Americans to care what Russians think about Ukraine and Georgia entering NATO and the installation of US missiles in Europe. It's the childish hypocrisy of a craven people doomed to failure.

Pablo said...

According to Washington, the sale of weapons to Venezuela would imply the risk of regional destabilization. McCormark explains that the “concerns focus on what we consider an exaggerated militarization of Venezuela”.

Meanwhile, the US company Lockheed Martin has just released several F-16 planes to Chile and it expects to send another eight of those planes to that country this year. Chile now possesses the most modern aircraft fleet in Latin America with that posing no inconvenience for the Bush administration, which is only obsessed about the progressive reforms undertaken by Caracas.

Along with the significant purchase of necessary weapons for the defence of his nation (100,000 infantry guns and 15 helicopters purchased in Russia), President Chávez has decided to create an army with one million volunteers in order to face and eventual US military invasion of Venezuela. The Bolivarian government has decided to follow the Cuban example in terms of its preparation for war.

“Why did the gringos invade half of the world except Cuba? In Cuba all the people [are ready] and trained to defend each corner of their national territory and the Cuban Revolution”, said Chávez

Anonymous said...

This is Hector,

La Russophobe: Chavez's visit to Russia has nothing to due with U.S national security. Venezuela is an independent nation, and has the right not to live under U.S colonial slavery. Hugo Chavez, "the Communist" is now trying to get private investments from Russia.

I don't know about Poland, but a majority of the Czech Republic are opposed to the government hosting U.S installations, not just the Russia. Chavez has nothing to due with Russian imperialism spreading through Latin America. NATO expansion eastward threatens Russian imperialism. So its completely different.

Big Fat Slob said...

If Bush had met Basayev, it would be a miracle. The man is dead, remember?

Also, last time I checked, Venezuela is not a part of US territory (not even one that wants to separate).

so.... what's the comparison? Oh, Bush don't like Basayev... That's all they have in common? Anybody not liked by Bush is ipse facto a terrorist like Basayev?

At least you admit that Basayev WAS a threat to Russia.... Progress, I'd say. :)