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Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Most Trusted Politicians in Russia

The All-Russian Center for the Survey of Public Opinion is carrying out an ongoing survey (information in Russian) of which politicians Russians voters trust most. In each survey, a total of 1,600 respondents across Russia are each asked to name half a dozen politicos who can be trusted, and a ranking results. Here's the most recent tally, with the designee's name followed by the percent of respondents who named her/him (interestingly, although voters profess to trust Putin, they don't trust the people he's appointed to run his government; horrifyingly, not one single opposition political leader is named):

1. Vladimir Putin (56%)

2. TIE: Dmitry Medvedev & Sergei Ivanov (19%)

4. Sergei Shoigu (12%)

5. Vladimir Zhirinovsky (9%)

6. TIE: Gennady Zyuganov & Mikhail Fradkov (5%)

8. TIE: Yuri Luzhkov, Boris Gryzlov, Aman Tulyeev, Valentina Matvienko (4%)

12. Sergei Mironov (3%)

Though virtually nobody finds Yuri Luzhkov trustworthy (card-carrying Communist Zyuganov is more trusted), he's elected by a landslide to run Russia's most important city over and over and over again. Vladimir Zhirinovsky, a card-carrying maniac, is the fifth most-trusted man in Russia (and holds a powerful position in the Russian legislature).

Barely more than half the Russian people trust Vladimir Putin, but over three quarters approve of what he is doing as president and he's been elected twice by landslide margins.

And so it goes in Russia.

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