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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Annals of "Pacified" Chechnya: The Blood Continues to Flow

Chechnya is awfully bloody for a solved problem, isn't it? The Moscow Times reports:

A rebel leader and a pro-Moscow security commander died in a dawn shootout Saturday between federal forces and Islamist guerrillas in Chechnya, a Chechen official said. Chechnya's chief prosecutor, Valery Kuznetsov, identified the dead rebel as Yunus Akhmadov. He had not previously been named as a prominent rebel. "We have information that Akhmadov was the leader of a Grozny terrorist cell," Kuznetsov said. "This information is being checked." The rebel web site confirmed that a rebel called Yunus Akhmadov died in the shootout in Grozny, but did not say he was a commander. Russia has always described the web site as inaccurate. Kuznetsov said Saipudy Larsanov, head of one of Grozny's security agencies, also died in the raid on a house where Akhmadov was hiding. Also Saturday, unknown attackers opened fire on a team of combat engineers inspecting an area in the Shalinsky district in Chechnya's mountains, killing one officer and wounding another, Chechnya's Interior Ministry said. A police officer was injured in a car bombing Sunday in another volatile southern province, Kabardino-Balkaria. In neighboring Ingushetia, rebels used grenade launchers to attack a base used by the 503rd Motorized regiment early Friday. Federal officials said no one was injured, while the rebel web site said the attack had killed 13 soldiers and injured another 25.


Kirill said...

Anyone who believes a word of Kavkaz-Center is an incurable imbecile.

With that said, I already stated my favored position on Chechnya, but would like to say that how it is now, with them fighting mostly each other (Rebel's vs. the Kadyrovtsy) is also not that bad, since they themselves suffer from their own inability to form a coherent society, without bringing Russians into it.

La Russophobe said...

Anyone who believes that a proud KGB spy is more reliable than Kavkaz center is an incurable imbecile.

Kirill said...

Well La Russophobe, maybe you'll change your mind when the noble people at Kavkaz-Center murder some children in your neighborhood. I'm happy that you believe the fine martyrs at Kavkaz-Center. After all, they share your goal.

La Russophobe said...


Maybe you'll change YOUR mind when the noble people from the KGB arrest your mother, or blow up an apartment building in Moscow to generate support for attacking Chechnya. The KGB has murdered FAR more Russians than the Chechen rebels.

And by the way, dimwit, whether they can be "relied upon" to tell the truth has nothing to do with how many people they've killed. It's the JOB of the KGB to tell lies. It was Putin's PROFESSION, you idiot. The moronic Russian people have elected a professional liar as their president.

Kirill said...

Let's assume, without going through any of the evidence, that the FSB did blow up the apartment buildings, and poisoned some journalists. Name me the additional thousands of people they killed in order to surpass the Chechens.

It seems you should join the Chechens. They share your goals, and I'm sure they'd implement all the reforms you so sorely desire. They would surely treat the average citizen far better than the evil FSB.

Also, let us not speak of other foreign leaders, who while not "professional" liars, have surpassed Putin even considering their amateur status.

The very fact that you can compare terrorists with soldiers who died trying to save people from terrorism shows a rather low moral level. Rather ironic, considering the fact that much of the material you post has a human-rights tone to it.

La Russophobe said...

The FSB was the instrument Stalin used to round up millions of Russians and kill them, immediately in executions without trials and slowly by internment in the Gulag archipelago. They blew up churches and murdered their priests.

The fact that you can assume the FSB intentionally blew up Russians in their beds and then go on to defend them indicates you are subhuman and utterly demented.