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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Yet One More Humiliating Failing Grade for Russia

Another day, another international evaluation, another failing score for Russia. The Moscow Times reports that Russia is one of the most barbarically violent places on earth, even though it's ruled over by a jackbooted KGB thug:

Russia is one of the least peaceful countries in the world, according to a new study that uses levels of violence, organized crime and military expenditure to measure unrest. The Global Peace Index listed Russia at 118th place out of 121 countries surveyed by researchers of the Intelligence Unit of British magazine The Economist. Russia fared particularly poorly on conventional weapons exports and deployments to United Nations peacekeeping missions, securing the worst possible score of five.

Some analysts find those results arbitrary. "The method of the analysis is not clear," said Alexander Khramchikhin from the Institute of Political and Military Analysis. "If they had chosen other indicators, the result would have been quite different." On levels of distrust in other people, internal conflict and respect for human rights, Russia scored a four. The same low mark was given for the ratio of security officers and police per 100,000 people and the ratio of homicides and inmates per 100,000 people.

Only Israel, Sudan and Iraq had a record worse than Russia, which is ranked the least peaceful country in Europe, the report said. Overall, Western Europe was ranked the most peaceful region in the world. In Central and Eastern Europe, the Czech Republic led the way, in 13th place.

Russia's overall score was 2.9. America, a land where guns are freely available and personal liberty is virtually unrestricted, scored a 2.3, 20% better than Russia. Once again, Russia is shown to be getting the worst of all possible worlds. All of the harsh consequences of a dictatorship with none of the benefits. The whole basis of the argument for having Putin in charge is to avoid problems of this kind, and yet Russia is still at the bottom of the heap. Is it really worth having a KGB spy rule you just so you can be #118 instead of #121? Only a demented Russian could possibly think so.


Anonymous said...

Just in case you did not notice, you beloved USA is ranked just one above Iran, 12 below Serbia (of all places), while Israel, which you probably like very much as well, is ranked even below Russia. Which should tell anybody with half a brain that this ranking is probably just a jerk-off exercise off academics looking to excuse their unproductive existence.

La Russophobe said...

Just in case you did not notice:

(a) We've REPEATEDLY instructed you NOT to refer to yourself as "anonymous" but to pick a name. Can't you show at least a LITTLE bit of initiative and intelligence?

(b) The USA's result is specifically mentioned in the post, you moron.

(c) The USA is SUPPPOSED to have a high level of violence, because it has a famously high level of personal freedom. Americans CHOOSE unsafe streets in exchange for safe government that doesn't put them in Siberia, and a free economy that leads the world by far. Russians are supposed to have safe streets, having chosen to be ruled by a dictator, yet they don't.

The least you could do is actually read our post before commenting on it, you moronic slob.

Your impliction that we don't read and understand the content of our own posts when you yourself are clearly the one in that category is the height of both ignorance and arrogance, the classic marks of a Russophile dimwit.

Anonymous said...

I'd still rather live in Putin's Russia than the "democracy" which Perle, Cohen, Abrams, Wolfowitz and the rest of Israel's amen chapter (i.e., the United States government) inflicted on Iraq.

And no that previous anonymous commentator wasn't me. Guess you just don't have too many people here who agree with you.

Anonymous said...

So you are telling me that Americans prefer to live in a country that attacks others, that is even less peaceful than Central-African kleptocracies? In other words, your idea of freedom is not liberty but license, to paraphrase Locke.

Telling indeed.

Oh, you are free to change my name to anything you want. Fat Slob, for example. I can live with that. So, here you go: My name's Fat Slob

La Russophobe said...

Not only Americans prefer America, but people all around the world. America has a huge waiting list for entry, whilst Russia has a huge waiting list for exit. America has a population twice Russia's size and growing, whilst Russia loses 1 million every year.

Yours are babblings of a madman, a classic Russophile fool, blinded by lack of basic information and arrogance, helping Russia to destroy itself by refusing to admits its faults.

Anonymous said...

You're cute, La Russophobe. In case you haven't noticed -- I know you have, so I should say: as you know, but won't say -- Russia admits more foreigners each year than the US of A. So, if you take migration movements as a vote of confidence, the US and Russia are way up there on the list.

But, you haven't of course answered the key question: you seem to prefer license to liberty. Except that in the US there are more prisoners (in sheer numbers) than in China, and the US still has the death penalty, while Russia has at least suspended it (don't get me wrong, I'm all in favor of the death penalty).

But, dear Russophobe, since I have a job that is not financed by the Soros fund, I have a work to do and will wean myself from the sick little pleasure of commenting on this little agitprop outfit.

I hope for you that your financing will not run out any time soon, because La Russophobe is not something any self-respecting PR operator would want to put on his resume. Too blatant, my dear. Too obvious.

My message to your employers: get some real professionals do this for you. George has enough money, he don't need to finance this kind of clap trap;)

On the other hand -- I wish all Russophobes would be like this. Would make my job a lot easier.

By the way, it's interesting to note that you attest yourself a mental disease, namely a phobia, which is, after all, an irrational fear of something regardless of the real dangers posed by the object.


Black operation or snow job? That's really the question.

Anonymous said...

Oh... Sweety, big waiting list for exit in Russia? Pray, DO provide evidence for that. Any, please. It may have passed right your phobic mind, but Russians are free to leave Russia any time they want. No problem, at least none from the Russian side:)

So, lovely, do get your facts straight, if only to maintain SOME basic credibility... (or gain it?)

La Russophobe said...


WHAT A HYPOCRITE!!! A classic Russophile moron!!! Thanks for making our day, you great big fat slob!!!

Hmmm, let's see now . . . you call for "evidence" that Russians are waiting to leave, yet you say "Russia admits more foreigners each year than the US of A". Where's YOUR evidence, you ridiculous, pathetic loser? NOWHERE TO BE SEEN!!! NOT ONE SHRED OF EVIDENCE IN YOUR WHOLE POST!!! Congratulations, you're one of the biggest losers whose ever commented on this blog, and believe us, that's saying something.

Our point was not that Russia is stopping its citizens from leaving, you empty-headed gorilla, but that OTHER COUNTRIES have to give Russians permission to relocate before they can do so. There is NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON in America waiting for a Green Card to enter Russia, but there are THOUSANDS of Russians waiting for a US Green Card, THOUSANDS who enter the lottery every year trying to get one. If you doubt that, we'll be happy to bet you $10,000. Do you accept? We'll escrow the funds and then we'll contact the U.S. State Department in a conference call. Accept, loser?????

Meanwhile, thanks for the compliment. Your haughtly, patronizing, insulting remarks indicate clearly that you believe we might publish them anyway, because we're that big and immune to your drivel, and because we're that open to debate. And where's YOUR blog where you public such statements about YOU, we wonder? Nowhere to be seen, that's for sure. Because you're a hopeless, jealous, pathetic nobody, doing nothing except creeping around in the shadows and mumbling to yourself about how great you are.

Idiot. Thanks for providing yet one more example of the stupidity tha is totally destroying modern Russia.

Anonymous said...

Cutie pie,

I do not deny that nobody is waiting for a US Green Card to enter Russia, because Russia does not have Green Cards... Russia has a visa system that allows you to get a tourist, work, student, and whole bunch of other visas, but no Green Cards. So, I guess I am not going to bet on finding a quadruped bird, because such a thing don't exist;)

But cute of you to try sucking me into a non-existent discussion on this one;) Gotta try harder, though.

If you want to say that no American is trying to enter Russia, but is not allowed to, think again before taking the bet, because I can name you at least one very, very famous American who would love to enter Russia, but can't... You know him, too... :)

So, my lovely little troll pie, since you claim that, and I quote, "Russia has a huge waiting list for exit", you are being deliberately misleading (or just plain dumb), since Russia is not stopping very many people from leaving the country.

If you want me to provide you with the data that Russia admits more foreigners than the US of A, you will have to offer me something in return.

I charge around US$150/hour for research -- you should feel privileged to get my attention for free.

I'm getting a kick out of this, it's like doing a Turing test. So far, you haven't passed, though. But, good programming:)

Kiss, kiss my cute troll,

Anonymous said...

Oh, peach pie, forgot something...

"doing nothing except creeping around in the shadows and mumbling to yourself about how great you are."

Lovely... You not only suffer from irrational phobias, but also a heavy dose of good old Freudian projection.

If you ever feel the need to get that dealt with, do let me know. I think I still have the number of a psychiatrist I once met at a trade show.. He struck me as supremely competent, so... you shouldn't be too much of a challenge.

Now, enough of this, more work on my desk;)

Kiss kiss,

Anonymous said...

Oh, please rename my posts as coming from Great Big Fat Slob. I like the ring of that;)

La Russophobe said...

Not one shred of evidence. Just as we thought.